Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dusty Dreaming

This is what I am missing these days.'s been real good this year. Definitely a "true" Iowa type Winter in which we've seen plenty of snow, plenty of sub-zero temperatures, and the opportunities to be outside and indulging in that Winter stuff has been available for a long time now. Winter kicked in early and looks to be sticking around for at least another month.

It is about now that I start thinking about all those 3GR rides and just finding new roads with plenty of B Maintenance road action thrown in for good measure. Dust and rocks. Roads that dance up and down for miles on end. Birds and flowers. The wind rustling in the grass. I guess it is part and parcel of living in an area blessed with four distinct seasons, each with their own appeal for a cyclist like myself.

However; Winter is still gripping us hard here. It went down to -15°F last night and we'll be seeing that negative sign in front of the temperature several more times before it disappears for (hopefully) the rest of the year.

So, I can't really expect to feel those awesome feelings I miss from the Summer anytime real soon. I can dream though, and I can scheme. I did a little of just that last night as I started to sort out the fleet for the upcoming gravel road season. Tires swapped, wheels changed, bicycles re-imagined, and maybe even a new one? Yes, maybe even a new one. We'll see. That is not totally up to me, but I am thinking something will be showing up soon. Stay tuned on that front......

In the meantime I just have to dream and wait. Oh.....I will still be having fun on the fat bikes. I will also be playing around in that in between time when mud is king and riding some squishy roads. I still have to complete tweaking on all the parts and bikes I have here to be ready for when "it" does come. That glorious first day of the year when one does not need a jacket to ride outside. And after that, the first day warm enough to wear short sleeves.

It won't be long now. I can almost feel it........................

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