Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Night Time

Doesn't look like a trail much.....
A night ride or two has been happening of late. I have gotten a Lezyne helmet mount for my old Super Drive light and with the Trelock 950 on the bars I now have the perfect, (for me), night riding set up.

The Lezyne has a more intense light and the fill type wash that the Trelock puts out really work well together. I have a hard time distinguishing them from one another. They really blend that well. In the image to the left here, my tail light is washing in with the light from the Lezyne which is up on my helmet.

That's an old log crossing. The bits stuck in there to help you cross that log are sort of decayed now and beaten down. They need to have a bit of work. There are two other logs down back in there as well. Oh.......this is on Marky-Mark, by the way. The rustic, nearly overgrown connector trail between the two forks of the Green Belt Trail along Ridgeway Avenue.

I made the trail all in one take without any bushwhacking this time, but the West end of it is sketchy to figure out now and with all of the fallen leaves, it'll only get worse. My memory was taxed hard. I would imagine that darkness made that issue greater. However; I think those who find the East end would be hard pressed to do the last quarter of it on the West end without a great deal of luck and sunshine.

Almost went into the drink here.
Of course, I had to ride back from Marky-Mark. I was pushing the Snow Dog's speed up and I didn't catch a hard right hander, which was a reroute made over a year or so ago to account for some river bank erosion. You can still see the old, burned in single track line and I followed it right to the edge. Slammed on the Magura brakes and halted the fat rig about a foot from going off the edge. That was too close!

I backed off a bit after that, but it was a glorious night out on the trails and I have had a few other nights just like that. Mostly on the Snow Dog too, although that is going to change here in a bit. I am going to pull off the 29+ wheels from the MukTruk and swap wheels with the Snow Dog. Brakes too. A special experiment is the reason why. I cannot say more about it now. However; the MukTtruk will again become By-Tor and with the extended Alternator drops I am hoping that the gears will all clear the monstrous no-name tire I am using now.

Besides the experimentations, I also want to have all my best stuff on one fat bike coming into Winter. Things should get to a point where a fat bike makes a lot of sense for commuting again soon, so there is that as well. I probably won't see the Blackborow until December sometime, if it makes it on schedule, so that is another reason I want to do this. The Snow Dog? I've got plans for that too. Stay tuned......

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