Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trans Iowa V11: Update

Final Recon This Sunday:

The final recon of the course will be Sunday and hopefully any thundershowers hold off until we're done! There are some dirt roads I'd like for Wally & George to check out before the big weekend coming up.

We were low on snow amounts this Winter and so far this Spring, we've been light on rain storms, last Thursday's soaking notwithstanding. We got drenched that day up here and it made a dint in the local creek's level, but it is still a full two to three feet below what I would call, "low-normal". Added to this is the fact that this weekend's air is to be a drier dome of warmer air than we've had and I believe things will dry back out pretty quickly.

It's always dangerous to try to guess what the weather for Trans Iowa might be like because the weather in April is very changeable. Take today for instance: Beautiful with light breezes. yesterday, in contrast, was cold, very windy, and sunny. Then Sunday it may rain again. Next week they are calling for a little more dry than wet. The week of Trans Iowa has been changing in the forecast about as fast as I can keep up with. One day it looks bad- the next- beautiful.

Finish Line:
The barn will serve as the finish line again

 You know it- you love it! The "Barn" that is. The big, red, restored barn West of Grinnell is going to be the finish line once again for Trans Iowa. We've been blessed with this for T.I.v6, T.I.v9, and T.I.v10. Courtesy of Rob Versteegh and his Bike Iowa crew, you can expect that Sunday morning early there will be a bit of activity there. A fire? Maybe some grilling? Who knows?

What I do know is that if it is wet, really raining hard, or has been wet enough beforehand to make the dirt road muddy leading up to the Barn, I am going to advise you all coming to the finish that you may not park there so we do not tear things up. Remember- this is a private property and we are guests. Please respect that. Also, please remember that there are no facilities for restrooms or water there. We'll likely have something to drink, but if you need to use the restroom, you'll have to hike over to the nature center about a quarter mile up the road from where we will be at.

So, this year we're only opening this opportunity to be at the Barn up on Sunday morning. We've tried to make it an all night hang out sorta deal, but it never has worked out that way, so why fight that? Sunday only! Be there!

Look for a recon report early next week . More updates to come in the final two weeks leading up to the 11th Trans Iowa. Stay tuned......


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