Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trans Iowa v12: Rookie Registration Announcement!!

"Typical" postcards. A small sized water bottle for reference.
PAY ATTENTION!! Get any of the following wrong and your entry will be void!!

Okay folks! Here is how you get into Trans Iowa if you are a "Rookie", which means you have never toed the line at a Trans Iowa event ever!  Those who have been in a Trans Iowa, you can relax for now. I'm running your registration after this deal for Rookies only!!

Starting October 4th, Rookies can send in a single post card per person. This window will be open until October 24th.

#1: So, first things first. There are post card regulations. A "post card" is the typically available post card, or handmade card on cardstock only, with the dimensions of 170mm Long  X 120mm High or less.

No 3X5 cards, no cardboard, no metal, wood, or plastic. No three dimensional cards, no "bent" cards, and no folded cards. This is to give every entrant a fair advantage in the drawing. Get this wrong and I will discard your entry and you won't be in the drawing. (NOTE: Cards damaged in the mail will still be in the pool for the drawing, but this is highly unlikely.)

#2: You MUST WRITE LEGIBLY!! Any cards I cannot make out will be discarded and you won't be in the drawing.

#3: You must have the following items clearly written on your card-
  • Your name
  • Your class you wish to enter the event in- Open Men, Open Women, or Single Speed/Fixed
  • Your CURRENT E-MAIL. I must be able to contact you via e-mail. I will confirm each card received, and if your e-mail pings back, I will discard your entry and you will not be in the drawing. 
  • An emergency contact: This can be your support person, or a person we can reach in case of an emergency.   
  • You must transcribe Rule #1 of the Trans Iowa rules in its entirety, legibly, and verbatim. You can find this HERE.
#4: You must send the regulation sized post card with all information clearly and legibly written on that post card to the following address between October 4th and October 24th. If any cards come before or after this time period, your entry will be void. Here is the address:

Europa Cycle & Ski
c/o Trans Iowa
4302 University Avenue
Cedar Falls Iowa, 50613

#5: ALL CARDS MUST USE THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE FOR SENDING YOUR CARDS. No over nighted entries, no walk ins, no UPS, FedEx, or other couriers may be employed to send a card unless it is an International entry and prearranged through Guitar Ted for delivery in another manner. This rule is being enforced to create the most fair playing field for sending in a card. If I do not receive your entry via the regular mailman we see at Europa, it will not be in the drawing for one of forty spots for the Rookies. By the way, I've never not received a card through the USPS. Of all delivery types, they have been the most consistent and reliable. That's one of the reasons for this stipulation.

#6: What You Can Expect From Trans Iowa: Once an entry has been received between October 4th through October 24th, the entry will be examined by Guitar Ted. If it passes all requirements, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation and your name will go on a temporary roster list for rookies on the Trans Iowa site. If you sent a card in, and do not get a confirmation e-mail, or you do not see your name on the temporary roster, you can and should assume that your card failed the process outlined here for some reason. If this appears to be the case for you, and there is still time, you can try sending another card, but please- do not try to find out from me directly. I will not entertain queries concerning what you did or didn't do right, or if I received your card or not. Either you get this right, or you don't. Please be very careful to get it right!

This roster of cards will represent the pool which 40 cards will be drawn from on Saturday, October 31st, 2015. (Details on the exact time of day and if the process will be available to view on-line will be forthcoming.)  I estimate that approximately 80 cards will come in, but that is purely a guess based on the past and this has not been done before in this manner. Once the 40 cards are drawn out, the on-line roster will reset to reflect those who gained entry. If you get in and your son/buddy/daughter/wife/sister/brother does not, too bad. I am not transferring in anymore past 40 rookies total. All decisions by Guitar Ted are final. Should you decide, based on another person not getting in that you will not take a spot if your card was drawn, that's fine with me. I will not be transferring in another rider to take your place for any reason, so please consider your entry carefully before sending in a card. Don't waste a spot based on whether or not someone else gets in.

Okay, that's pretty much the deal for you Rookies. Remember- this process doesn't start until October 4th! I am trying to get the word out early enough that no one misses the announcement.

Questions? Better ask now in the comments.

Veterans and Finishers will get the details on how they will enter coming soon and that process will occur later in October. Stay tuned.......

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