Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Vicious Cycle Of Washing

Awww! I just cleaned it yesterday!
You've heard it a million times, I am sure: "If you want it to rain, just go wash your car!" Somehow or another, I think something along these lines must work when you ride bicycles as well.

Case in point- My Singular Cycles Buzzard had been ridden in some pretty nasty stuff at one point or another back in the Spring, or maybe it was last Winter? Heck.....I can't remember, it's been that long ago. All I know is that there was this layer of grungy crap and dirt all over the frame. Not only that, the polished Velocity Dually rims were.....well they weren't very shiny anymore. If you own polished aluminum rims, it is sort of the point to have them be blindingly shiny all the time, right?

So, I finally got around to doing some much needed maintenance. Those rims! I had to break out the Never Dull and even then they were almost impossible to bring back to even a semi-shiny state. Elbow grease was applied in large doses, which finally resulted in a bit of luster. Acceptable for the time being, but I'd have to get after that again when my fingers returned to a state of having feelings. Of course, the rest of the frame was also polished up, but powdercoat has a lot lighter grip on grime than polished aluminum does, so that went a lot easier.

This all happened at work, by the way, because things have slowed down. Hey! It's the off-season, ya know, so I don't have quite near the workload I do in the Summertime. I rode my shiny, (almost) rig back home proudly. It's like my old coworker Jeff always said, "A clean bike is a happy bike." I suppose it was just glad its lazy ol' owner decide to finally do something about its state of disrespect. I was just happy to see the rims glow again!

Maybe it will take another six months.....

Wouldn't you know it, but I had to ride the Singular back from the repair shop where Mrs. Guitar Ted's car was getting serviced. While I was waiting it out at home, it rained, and things got pretty messy. Well, there ya go! Wash up the bike if you want it to rain, or something!

Anyway, I'm sure that if I don't let this dirt marinate on the bike for.....oh, six months or more, it just might come off a little bit easier. Probably will.

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john said...

That's a good looking bike