Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beating In A Path

Spent some time doing a little "trail maintenance"
I've been commuting by bicycle now since about 2002-2003 which was about the same time I got back into the bicycle industry by taking a job at the shop where I still work. I was trying several routes to work back then, but I soon settled on this certain section not far from my home. It is a fairly good sized field formed by the intersection of two highways on one end and a converted rail line bicycle trail on the other. It is sort of an elongated triangular shaped field. I took to crossing the highway, cutting across this open field, and diving down a steep embankment to the bike trail, which then leads me to a dead end street I follow for about a mile and a half. Anyway.....

So with the season's first snow, we got a big dump, which many times means that the field is unrideable. In recent years a man by the name of LeRoy and his dog have taken to using the now decade old line I have burned into the field and they sort of help keep things open when the snows are less. However; this time we got something like 8 inches right out of the gate, and LeRoy and his dog are not going to baet that down into a rideable path by Monday. So, I took it upon myself to beat down a path Saturday, so I wouldn't have to take a detour around the field which adds another mile plus to my morning commute. Besides, by Wednesday the snow will mostly be gone anyway.

Here is where I dump down off the field to the bike path.
Then I continue under the highway to the left up there and eventually back onto a city street. 
Fortunately for the last two years someone is plowing a path through the bike path as well, so I only had to beat a path into the field. After about seven or eight passes, I was riding it well enough I felt that there was nothing more I could do. So, I went off towards home and to see what other mischevious deeds I might become involved in.

I made fresh tracks through the neighborhood cemetery.
There is a cemetery near my home and I noticed that it had not been plowed nor had anyone attempted to drive, ride, or walk through there yet since the snow fall. I decided I would be the first. The Blackborow DS walked right through the snow with no issues. It was a fun way to cap off my "work" and enjoy a very peaceful place away from the general hub-bub in the city.

We'll see now how my "trail maintenance" holds up when I go back through there on Monday morning.

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