Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday News And Views

Project 1X1
Project 1X1 Update:

Well, this won't be really long, because it all deserves its own blog posting, but I was excited yesterday to have received my Surly 19T fixed cog and lock ring. This will screw on to the left hand side of the hub and I have a specific set of reasons why I went with a flip-flop hub on the bike.

The main reason is for slippery Winter commutes when riding a fat bike doesn't make sense. There are plenty of times I have ridden a fat bike in Winter when there was no real snow to deal with, so a fat bike was overkill. However; there may be patches of ice here and there. Riding a fixed gear bike has the effect of giving you more control over your traction and rear tire slip outs are not as dangerous when you can feel what is happening like you can when riding fixed. I've had experience with this back when I ran my Karate Monkey fixed, so I am pretty confident this will be a good thing. Plus, I like having a fixed gear something or another around for riding.

The other reason is for when I run errands on this bike. If someone were to nab my rig, they aren't going very far very fast without wrecking. One thing about living here is that there are very few ne'er do wells with fixed gear knowledge. One more deterrent besides locking it up is a good deal. I hope to get the fixed stuff installed today and test it all out soon. Look for a Project 1X1 post next week.

White Industries XMR Hub- My choice for the Standard Rando wheel build
Standard Rando Wheel Build Plans:

Way back late last Summer many of you might recall that I bought a Twin Six Standard Rando. Well.....everything but the wheels. I didn't really want to go with the wheels offered with the bike, so I didn't get them. In the meantime, I could have slapped on some 11spd compatible, disc brake wheels, but I didn't have a spare set of those just laying around here. So, I figured that I should do something a bit nicer for this rig. Someone suggested a "bit of color at the hub" might be nice, and I agreed. That leaves only a few choices in appropriate hubs, so I checked those out, and with a couple of solid endorsements from some folks I respect, I decided on the White Industries XMR hubs.

When I get these they will be laced to WTB KOM i25 rims and then all I have to do is pop on some tubeless tires, a cassette, and the rotors and I'll be back in business with that bike. Okay....well, not quite so fast! There is the issue of a saddle for it that needs sorting, but I'll get that done in due time. Probably long before the wheels get built!

Trans Iowa TV?

The past couple of years there has been a Trans Iowa Clinic which we did in Des Moines. It was very well received, and I got great feedback from those who could attend it. The thing is, not very many folks can get to Des Moines for a single event like that.

I wrestled with how we should approach that every time we did this and I just couldn't get around some big technical hurdles with regard to video taping, production, media releases, yadda-yadda-yadda.... Then this thing called Periscope popped up, and I tested it out by using it for a couple of things, most notably my Rookie Lottery Drawing for Trans Iowa registration. It got great feedback, and it got me to thinking again about how Periscope and the Trans Iowa Clinic idea might be used together.

So, I've been playing around with this idea of doing some really basic, very simple live broadcasts on Periscope talking about Trans Iowa techniques and equipment choices. I may even do some bits on basic gravel riding techniques from the perspectives of many who have participated in Trans Iowa events in the past. Of course, it would all be just myself, and very basic, because I don't want to complicate things by interviewing folks, or getting beyond a very simple production. I think it could be valuable, and since it would be free, you'd get what you paid for. (<===HA!) But seriously, I think it might be valuable. Thoughts? Hit me with your comments.

I'm still toying around with this idea, so I haven't made any plans on actually doing anything just yet, but if I do see a good response and get a few good ideas, I'll pursue it and the schedule will be published ahead of time so no one will miss anything. Again- comments or questions should be left in the comments here by clicking the comment link at the bottom of this post. Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts you might share.

That's a warp for this week. It is going to be a stellar weather weekend here. Don't miss out! Ride those bikes!!


Rob said...

speaking of you KM, did you ever get that bottom bracket out?


Guitar Ted said...

@Rob: Not yet. Now that Winter is coming, and the shop is slow, I may bring it to work to take some stabs at getting it completely out there.

Unknown said...

You've got my vote for the Periscope broadcasts - the more, the merrier!

Tim said...

I would watch + listen to your perspectives and insights about Trans Iowa & gravel riding in general. I enjoy gaining knowledge from others who have experience.

Steve Buser said...

Count me in! I'd like to get as much info as I could to help me set up my bike & train.
Thanks for all your help!

Michael Lemberger said...

I would certainly watch.