Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Are We Good Now?

On the way to work Tuesday.
Saturday it was 64°F and Sunny. We were riding in shirt sleeves and ditching our Winter garb as we frolicked in our supposed release from Winter's cold, icy grasp. But wait! Winter wasn't done just yet.

Monday was a colder, blustery day, but it was still above average for a February. Then Monday evening it got down right chill, the North wind came up strong, and we heard the icy pellets being blown along as they strafed the windows. I looked out as I went to bed that evening and the world was blanketed in white once again.

My kids went to bed earlier, so they didn't see what I had seen, and in the morning, they were still unaware of what had happened. I was downstairs as my son came down, looked out a window, and was heard to exclaim, "Oh! Come on!!", in an exasperated yell. I choked back a laugh. Yes, it was perhaps a cruel blow to be back in the grip of Winter, but I thought it was a funny reaction which was probably shared by many around these parts as the day dawned.

Four inches, or maybe a touch less. I fat biked right on through it. This snow was really perfect, again, for fat bikes, as it packed up and provided more lateral grip than the dry, poofy snows we are used to getting. Anyway, I figured it to be the last real snow ride I'll get in till next Winter. By afternoon, when I left work, the Sun was riding high in the sky, and the more direct rays of its glow were decimating the snow, despite it being in the mid-20's. I figure by the weekend it'll be gone, and next week it'll be in the 60's, or so they say.

So Winter, are we good now?

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