Sunday, April 02, 2017

Minus Ten Review- 13

Ten years ago on the blog I was talking about two custom bikes I was having made, news about 29"ers, and off-road drop bars.

I guess no one was really saying much about them back then but me because these posts have, and in many cases still are, garnering a lot of hits here. Hits from all around the world too.

Since those days, the off road drop bar has been adopted as the defacto bar for gravel travel. Every Tom, Dick, and wanna-be bike company is putting out a "gravel bike" now and you gotta have a flared drop bar on it, don't cha know?

Funny how that all worked out. But back ten years ago, we weren't thinking "gravel bikes", I was thinking about single track and mountain biking, so it was a bit different take then. Trying to explain how a drop bar worked off road and how to set one up was a never ending conversation. Many just couldn't wrap the mind around it.

Today, it seems that the flared drop bar is in its hey day, and even mountain bikers are taking another look at these things. More people than not seem to "get it", and that's had the effect of not having those explanatory comments and posts on my end.

All good things.

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