Thursday, June 01, 2017

Hittin' The Road

Waiting to go a year ago.......
DK My Way:

Today I am heading out to the Dirty Kanza 200 with my friend Tony. No.......I am not riding in the Dirty Kanza 200. Like last year, I am just riding along.

I am coming down to hang out with a lot of people I do not get to see very often. Maybe I wouldn't see them at all if I don't go to Emporia, Kansas. The hoopla and hustle and bustle of the day before the event is a time that is exciting to be involved in, even as an observer. You know this to be true when you go to the DK200 expo and see all the local residents walking around with their kids, gawking at all of the "bike nerdery" on display.

It must be as if a couple thousand circus geeks landed in town for the weekend to them. At any rate, the local Emporeans seem to like it, and they celebrate the weekend with various activities. Even small neighborhood parties happen around the DK200 weekend. I'm sure there are haters too. You know......the "get offa my lawn" crowd. But for the most part, it seems that the town of 24,000 plus residents gets a kick out of all of it.

Chunky Flint Hills gravel
I'll be on my own adventure Saturday. Last year I did a 75 mile jaunt into the territory North of Emporia. I'll likely be doing something similar this year again since the DK200 route is essentially the same as last year, which is primarily South of Emporia again. I definitely want to stay as far away from the official route as I can to avoid any possibilities of conflict with the event.

I am not sure what the weather will bring. Rain and a thunderstorm is being talked about.So, my rig for this trip will be a bit different than last year's was. I am planning on taking fenders, a seat pack, which necessitates a seat post swap, and no frame bag. I'll have more water and plenty of food this time. Same basic bike though. The trusty Gen I Fargo is the bike of choice.

Anyway, I'll be posting random bits throughout the weekend, hopefully. I have an iPad along with me this time, and I may do a bit or two on social media. Facebook and Twitter. Possibly Periscope. You can find me on Twitter at @guitarted1961 or check the Riding Gravel Facebook page. Any Periscopes will be linked to my Twitter account. 

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