Monday, June 04, 2018

Dirty Kanza Report: Getting There

On the road somewhere in Kansas
So with the end of May came another trip to Kansas. Not the usual, bike riding, exploration type of deal of the last two years. Not a ride in the event. Nope. This time I didn't even bring stuff to ride in. Packing was a lot simpler!

Anyway, the master plan ended up involving a hook up with MG. He had been invited to ride in the inaugural DKXL, the 350 mile, self-supported race which was by invitation only and basically being beta-tested by DK Promotions to see how they would, or even if they would, change things up for a possible opening up to the public. Matt said it would be cool for me to run over to Lincoln and then we'd drive down there to Emporia together.

My trip started at around 5:30am and I got to Lincoln by 10:45am. Then we finally got going around an hour or so later. On the way out of Lincoln, MG decided to pick up a bacon cheeseburger and fries from Culver's. Remember this. It  comes up later.........

The trip down seemed to go faster with MG talking to me and both of us having fun. We made a pit stop at a convenience store near Manhattan where I finally got a sandwich. Then it was a short hop down to Emporia. We hooked up with our host, Joe, whom I stayed with a few years ago for my last "Official" ride in the DK200. He had gotten a new dog since then, ironically named Ted.

Dinner was had at Radius Brewing downtown and the we repaired back to Joe's place for some excellent "Old Fashioned" cocktails and great conversation. Then, it was off to bed with the promise of a great breakfast in the neighborhood put on by Rick of Mulready's Tap.

Now, let's get back to that bacon cheeseburger here for a minute. It's weird how such an innocuous thing can wreak havoc on one's day. However; this particular gut bomb had somehow gone bad, and MG's body went into "fight mode" at about 3:00am and he was wrenching, puking, and know. Everything was coming up and it certainly wasn't roses.

Now I've had food poisoning before, and I know it can be a knockout punch. I was seriously bummed for MG.

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Craig Groseth said...

Not buying the "beta-test" line from DK. Think Studio 54.

MG said...

It'll come back up later indeed...