Tuesday, July 24, 2018

GTDRI '18- Update

Fine Details:

Okay, the GTDRI, (Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational) is set to go off this Saturday at 6:00am in front of Ambient Ales in Reinbeck Iowa. These are the pertinent details you need to have in hand if you are planning on coming. I have heard from about a half dozen people with solid "yes" answers to my ride, so I expect at least a decent sized bunch to show up.

Route Details: 
  • There should be a solid 25% of the mileage in dirt roads on this 102+ mile length route. 
  • We will pass by Dysart, but I really do not want to have to stop there. It would add two miles- out and back- to get to the Dysart Casey's convenience store. 
  • The first planned stop will be in Traer at about Mile 49. 
  • The second planned stop will be at Mile 76 in Garwin, Iowa
  • After Garwin there will be approximately 27 miles to finish up at Ambient Ales. 
  • Start Time: 6:00am in front of  Ambient Ales
  • Finish time: Approximately 6:00pm. This will depend upon weather, the group, and winds. 
  • Plan to meet rain or shine. If it rains we are going to wing it. The dirt roads won't be rideable. The route could be completely different. Be prepared for chaos and adventure if the weather goes pear shaped.The route could be 25 miles or a century if that happens. 
  • Plot A Route gpx file  Available HERE
  • The ride has no fee, no swag, no prizes. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!! 
  • Be prepared to ride at least 50 miles with all food, water, and repair items you think you will need to be self supported. 
  • NO SAG AVAILABLE! Plan accordingly
  • Cell service WILL BE SKETCHY!
  • There will be farm dogs and possibly wild animals. 
  • There will be deep, fresh gravel, dirt, and maybe some sand. 
  • We will cross highways and run alongside HWY 63 for a 1/2 mile total in two different places. 
  • This ride will be primarily in Tama County with short forays in to Grundy County and Benton County. 

I've heard from enough folks that I feel we need to be sensitive to parking issues. There is a park on the West side of Reinbeck two blocks South of the Casey's convenience store which is on Highway 175. Turn South on College Street then Right on 3rd Ave to the parking area. It's a short ride over to Broad Street where we will start the ride.

There is also a municipal lot located on the corner of Broad Street and Clark.

NOTE: I assume no liability for your car or belongings during this ride.



The latest is that it should be stellar weather. Light winds and a slight chance for a pop up thunderstorm, but the temperatures will be in the mid-70's by late afternoon. It may be a bit on the chilly side to start out, so be prepared. A light wind jacket, vest, or arm warmers may be wise. If you are averse to getting wet, bring rain gear, but I suspect you won't be getting it out. Just a feeling.......

That said, there are NO PROVISIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY MADE BY MYSELF. You are going to have to make a call if the weather gets bad that is best for yourself and deal with the consequences. This is an UNSUPPORTED RIDE, and I am at the mercy of the elements and circumstances as much as you will be. If we get caught out in bad weather, it will be every man and woman for themselves. Just so you know.......

Ambient Ales should be open for business after the ride, but they do NOT SERVE FOOD! Your best bet is to get to Casey's and grab some pizza afterward.

NOTE: Please respond to this post about attendance.


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