Monday, February 25, 2019

Office Work

Spent a LOT of time looking at this over the weekend.
The impending weather of doom over this past weekend made bike riding not a very good option. So...... I figured I may as well get some "unpleasantness" out of the way. Stuff like updating the calendar, doing cues for the C.O.G. 100 route, and some other stuff I'd been putting of "for later sometime".

The biggest task was the calendar. I have to chuckle about that, actually. Ten years ago it took more time to find events to add to the list than it did to maintain it. I would chase links, do searches, and try to ferret out details for events when I did find them. It was a big task to build the calendar ten years ago. Now days events pop up quicker than June weeds and just trying to keep ahead of the growth is nearly impossible.

So, when Wordpress decided to change their editing format, you know.......just because, well, it threw a wrench into the works at Riding Gravel that took three months to straighten out. And after several attempts with IT people at Wordpress, via my patient partner, Ben Welnak, they still never could tell us why our interface wasn't very interfaceable. Eventually, one day, it just started working.


Anyway, I lost three months of "staying ahead" of new events and updates to old ones because I couldn't add or modify the calendar for that period. Of course, the Winter is when everyone plans and updates and introduces events. Of course it is...... Brilliant.

So, I spent ten hours or so over the weekend just working on the calendar. That doesn't count the other stuff I was up to on the computer, including doing this blog. But I look outside and see 25-30mph winds with drifting snow over ice which formed when things melted and got rained on yesterday. Side note: I saw lightning strikes on Saturday evening. In Iowa. I'm about over this weather, by the way. Now it is supposed to be more January-like with teens for highs and sub-zero lows for the rest of this week into next. March coming in like a Polar Bear, not so much like a Lion.

Good news is that I am getting ahead of the calendar again, so at least something good is coming from this crazy weather.

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blooddoc23 said...

Real glad you do all that. Thanks!