Saturday, May 23, 2020

New Skid Lid

Got me a new hat the other day.
There is one thing that I have always had to compromise on, and that would be my helmet fit. I've never really found one I could afford that actually fit my head. Not there weren't helmets out there that couldn't fit me. There was N.Y. Roll's POC helmet I tried once that fit me pretty well. Kind of, any way. I checked into the price and about fell outta my chair. It didn't fit that well! 

Obviously, if you've been around here long, you know I wear a cycling helmet. Usually I prefer Bell helmets, as they were always the ones that fit me best, and I could actually afford them. I'm not saying what you think here though. When I say, "fit me best", I'm saying that I had to modify them the least.

See, I always had to modify my cycling helmets to fit me. I rarely ever was able to keep the pads in a helmet. Those always just got ripped out and tossed the moment I got a new helmet. I needed all the room I could get, and pads were taking up space. Then the bits of Velcro they use to hold pads in place had to be carefully removed, and sometimes I even had to resort to removing some structure to get the helmet to fit. With a Bell helmet, I generally did not have to do that last thing. So, that's why Bell helmets were always my jam in headgear. But they still didn't sit on my head right, and I can, and often did, get headaches, hot spots, and marks on my head from wearing a cycling helmet.

Trust me- there were days I figured I'd finally just never be able to wear a helmet again. There were times I'd get very frustrated and want to just throw all my helmets in a bin and never look back. But I knew the gas I would get for doing that, so I never went through with that plan.

Then the Bontrager guy said they had a new helmet coming out, asked me what size I was in headgear, and I know that measurement intimately. 63cm, or hat size 7 7/8ths. Long and narrow skull. The Bontrager guy didn't bat an eyelash. The helmet would be coming soon for me to check out and write a review on. I was not hopeful. I mean, I'd heard this line before. There was that time the Lazer helmet guy 'promised' me the helmet would be no problem for me. I couldn't stand it on my head for more than a few minutes. It was no where near fitting me, much less 'no problem'. So yeah, bring it on, Bontrager. 

But you know what? That darn helmet did fit! And it didn't just barely fit either. I actually am not maxing out this thing! Wow! So this is how y'all feel with your helmets on! I never knew.....

Read my 'Quick Review' of the Starvos WaveCel helmet here.

 Note: Bontrager sent over the Starvos WaveCel Helmet at no charge to Riding Gravel for test and review. We were not paid, nor bribed for this review and we always strive to give our honest thoughts and views throughout.

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