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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Race News and Sneak Peek

<====The Of Spirit Blackbuck in "bicycle form"

I was able to start the transfer of parts over from my old single speed race frame to the OS Bikes Blackbuck yesterday. It looks pretty nice so far, I think.

I wanted to get it dialed in position-wise as close to the old set up as I can get, ( which looks like it will be easy to do) before I start tweaking with the different forks and what not. This is the Superlight Carbon fork from On One that is on it now. I will derive a "baseline" of handling from this point, since it should be the most similar to the old bike. Then after I get a handle on this set up, I'll start the mad scientist fork swapping.

A couple of tech notes, for those curious about such things: The Avid BB-7 calipers fit fine on the chain stay. No interference with the actuation arm of the caliper. Also, the frame with seat collar and EBB installed weighed 5.6lbs. I figure the completed bike should weigh in at about 25-26lbs when I'm finished. I could cut that down with a different bar/stem combo. (That is in the plans as of now. Salsa carbon bar and a Salsa stem are on the radar)

As for racing this beast, I have already committed to doing the Dirty Kanza 200 on May 31st. There are still spots open to get on board with this long gravel grinder, and I recommend it highly! Good times! Many Iowans are already on the list and several other well known area enduro-freaks are too. Anyway, that will be the first real test of the rig planned so far in terms of racing conditions. I may find another local event before that to test the waters. We'll see.

Of course, it will be getting ridden for the fork tests all along. Also on the radar is the 24 Hours of Seven Oaks which will see the re-appearance of Team Stoopid. The all rigid, all single speed team of four that won their category at the event last year. Now all I have to do is to convince the team leader to acquire a set of adult wheels for the campaign. It'll help keep him upright, I think.

More on the racing scene as it becomes pertinent.

<====Not normally found on my training table!

Had a little celebration last night and I wanted to say Thanks!

Having my little ones sing "Happy Birtday" to me was the best present I could get.

Oh yeah.........I like me chocolate!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guitar Ted Productions 2007 Rearview: Part V now if you have gotten this far you are either clicking to your next blog or you already know about parts I - IV. (And if you don't, you'll just have to search for those. I ain't linkin' 'em no more!)

Now we're into the time of the year that would have normally found me winding things down a bit. Post RAGBRAI things at the shop generally slow down to a trickle. Well, not this year. I found myself nearly as busy doing repairs as I had previous to RAGBRAI, and all still without the assistance of a second mechanic. Then I got the crazy idea to answer a call put out by The Blue Colnago to join a single speed specific 12 hour team for the Iowa 24.

Well, why not? Being insanely busy was a way of life in 2007, why stop it now? So, having not pinned a number on since the Dirty Kanza 200 in 2006 and probably ten years since I last raced any XC venue I decided to join ranks with Team Stoopid. All I had to do was ride one of my single speeds and complete what? Two to three laps? Heck, a monkey could do that!

<===The Pofahl Custom wasn't quite ready for the Iowa 24 action, but it sure was sweet!

I had the new Pofahl SS, but only just, and of course, even though I was sorely out of "racin' shape" I knew that you should never, ever ride a brand new rig in a race. So this fine new addition to the Guitar Ted Stable was passed over in favor of the On One Inbred. I started riding it everywhere. I figured that even though I wasn't really in shape to do a race, at least I would feel comfortable with my bike choice. As the event drew near, I got kind of excited about going to an event again and seeing how things had/had not changed since I last lined up with a bunch o crazies.

<===Guitar Ted striking fear in the hearts of skinny XC whippets. Large and in Charge, Baby!

Well, needless to say that the endurance/24/12 hour thing is a far cry from the rooster strutting that I was remebering from back in the day. I had a great time, Team Stoopid won our category, (We were the only entries in it! Hey! It's race strategy that works!) I had a few beers, sipped some whiskey, and had a nice chat or two with some like minded folks that were hanging about the place.

Thanks to all who attended that little gig, I think I'll be expanding my race calendar for next season, but that's another post!

After all the fun and games I went home and started prepping for the Big One. The Interbike trade show that I was to cover for Twenty Nine Inches. I had appointments to line up, stories to research, and bags to pack. I was even going to the Outdoor Demo this time. That was cool! So, I spent alot of evenings at home e-mailing and strategizing. Work was a touch less busy, but we still had daily repair schedules that were full leading right up to when I left. Busy.......the operative word for 2007 you could say.

<=====Team Stoopid would like to take this oportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

That will end todays rearview. Next I will cover the Interbike trip itself, which will probably be its own post, and then we'll wrap things up with a final Rearview of 2007.

Then it'll be time to peek into the future. Stay tuned!