Monday, February 18, 2019

Cross Training

Maybe the biggest pile I've made in 28 years.
Winter waited and waited to come, and then it seems that it is trying to make up for lost time. That said, February is the snowiest month here in Iowa in general. So, no big surprise that it is snowing about every three days.

The big surprise is how much it has been snowing. Apparently we here in Waterloo are about double for seasonal snow fall totals already, and it is supposed to snow Wednesday and later this weekend.

So, here at the Guitar Ted productions headquarters, I am in charge of snow removal. I've never owned a snow blower, but I've had a few good shovels. My main shovel now is a steel one about three feet wide. I like it. I can move a good amount of snow with that tool.

Anyway, my son helps me now, of course, as he is 15 and a half years old and bigger than I am. But his job is clearing the widows walk and driveway down the street, because we try to take care of her that way. My job is our place, plus I clear a bit of the parking out in the street so Mrs. Guitar ted, a Texan, can make it in and out of the street in front of our house without fear of getting stuck.

Now maybe I go a bit too far, but I clear about a third of the street out toward the center and at least three car lengths out front. I have the "Truck With No Name" to think of, ya know! Anyhow, these big snows of late have really been putting me to the test. Not only that, but where I have to throw the snow now is getting pretty ridiculous.

Today's image is from last night. It's one of three piles that big, and actually, the other two are arguably bigger, but anyway, the point is that I count it as training. Even if it isn't training, it is, because my body says so. I've been sore like I haven't been sore in many years. That and tired. Very tired......

So, yeah, no bicycling or skiing of late. Too tuckered out from launching shovel fulls of snow ten feet in the air over and over again.

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