Beginners On Gravel Series (B.O.G.)

 Welcome to the Beginners On Gravel series page! here you will find all the series posts which originally ran from late February 2021 through to mid-May 2021 on consecutive Wednesdays. 

These articles were crafted with a very specific purpose in mind. Briefly then, here is what you can and should not expect to get out of the series:

  • The B.O.G. Series is a great introduction to gravel riding. The series covers the why, where, how, and more about riding on rural roads.
  • The B.O.G. Series was intentionally geared toward the beginner and new-to-gravel cyclist. As such, the topics are brief, simplified, and very basic. The goal was to make it easy to grasp the concepts and to break down barriers to participation. 
  • The B.O.G. Series is NOT specifically for intermediate and advanced cyclists. While it wasn't specifically aimed at such cyclists, if you are an intermediate or advanced cyclist you may still get something out of the series. Just be aware that I did not cover complex issues or anything in finer detail. 
  • The B.O.G. Series is NOT an 'unabridged guide' to riding rural roads. I assume and would expect riders to be aware, watchful, and expectant in terms of learning on their own. I only wanted to clear a pathway for self-adventure, exploration, and self-discovery. 

Okay, with that here following are the articles which were posted to the series. Clicking on a title will take you back to the blog entry chosen in another window/tab. 

Why Ride Gravel?

What Bike To Use.

What To Wear. 

How To Ride On Gravel 

How To Be Self-Supported And Why.

What To Eat And Drink 

What Accessories You Should Consider 

How To Repair A Flat Tire. 

How To Lubricate Your Chain. 

How To Clean Your Bike.

Navigation Basics

Riding "Right" (Basic Gravel Road Riding Rules) 

Sending You Off! 

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