Trans Iowa Stories


 This is the master page of links to the "Trans Iowa Stories" series where you can find specific posts that have been published. These are listed in chronological order from the beginning of the series in June of 2019. 

As new posts are published they will be added here until the series is finally completed. 

The Beginning

6/2/19: Jeff Kerkove and Guitar Ted

6/9/19: Jeff Kerkove and Guitar Ted: Part 2

6/16/19: The Danger Zone 

6/23/19: The Influences of Mike Curiak 

6/30/19: Jeff Kerkove and Guitar Ted: Part 3

Trans Iowa v1

7/7/19: The People of Hawarden  

7/14/19: The Dissenters 

7/21/19:  Changes and Evolution: Part 1

A Quick Story About T.I.v4 Prompted by a Landslide at the TDF

7/28/19: The Landslide

8/4/19: Tales of v1 

Trans Iowa v2

8/11/19: Tales of V2: Part 1

8/18/19: Tales of V2: Part 2 

8/25/19: Tales of V2: Part 3

Trans Iowa v3

9/1/19: Setting A Course For The Future  

9/8/19: The Media: Part 1 

9/15/19: The Transition Phase

9/22/19: It Was The Third- But It Was The First

9/29/19: Tales of V3 

10/6/19: More Tales of V3

10/13/19: More Tales of V3: Part 2 

10/20/19: Hanging Out In Hawkeye 

10/27/19: Why It Should Never Have Happened Again 

Trans Iowa v4

11/3/19: The Reasons Why It happened Again 

11/10/19: Setting The Scene For v4

11/19/19: Bonus- Registration Part 1 (Written in response to something about other event's registrations at the time) 

11/24/19: Endurance Promoting 

12/1/19: Endurance Promoting Part 2

Trans Iowa's Influence In The Early Gravel Scene

12/8/19: The Myth Of The Triple Crown 

12/15/19: How This Event Became "The Trans Iowa"  

Trans Iowa v5

2/9/20: New Things

2/16/20: History Rediscovered (A Look Back At Version 1) 

2/23/20: New Things - Part 2 

3/1/20: Thunder And Lightning Part 1

3/8/20: Thunder And Lightning Part 2 

3/15/20: Muddy Ends

3/22/20: Help Unlooked For 

A Look At Some People Who Were Part Of Trans Iowa

3/29/20: It's About The People

Trans Iowa v7

4/5/20: A Pivotal Version  

4/12/20: A Special Summer 

4/19/20: It's About The People Part 2 

4/26/20: Ends And Beginnings 

5/3/20: A Fire In The Belly

A Look At Some Details Of The Event Production

5/10/20: The Look Of Trans Iowa

5/17/20: A Brief History Of Numbers And Cues 

Trans Iowa v8

5/24/20: "I'll Kill Ya!"

5/31/20: Here I Am Again On My Own 

6/7/20: Epic Race; Epic Documentary 

6/14/20: Feeling Low Part 1

6/21/20: Feeling Low Part 2 

6/28/20: The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride 

7/5/20: Flaming Out

7/12/20: Broken Bikes And Broken Fellowship 

7/19/20: Moving On

7/26/20: Two To Go 

 A Look At The Volunteers And Some Reflection

8/2/20: The Volunteers

8/9/20: A Prophetic Word 

8/16/20: Rolling Into The Home Stretch

8/23/20: Social Media Effects 

Trans Iowa v9

8/30/20: New Process - Less Stress  

9/6/20: A Tool For Marketing: (A Look At How Companies Started Marketing To The Gravel Crowd) 

9/13/20: Let's Get This One Done: Part 1 

9/20/20: T.I.v9 Photo Dump Part 1

9/27/20: T.I.v9 Photo Dump Part 2 

10/4/20: The Lone Ranger Of Trans Iowa 

10/11/20: The V9 Barn Finish Line

10/18/20: Let's Get This One Done: Part 2 

Trans Iowa v10

12/20/20: So, You're Saying There's A Chance?

12/27/20: Fruitless Searching: Part 1 

1/3/21: Fruitless Searching: Part 2 

A Look At The Registration For Trans Iowa Up To v11

1/10/21: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness Part 1  

1/17/21: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness Part 2 

1/24/21: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness Part 3

1/31/21: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness Part 4 

2/7/21: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness Part 5 

2/14/21: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness Part 6


 Trans Iowa v11

2/21/21: A Look At The Scene In 2015 

2/28/21: Five Minutes To Spare 

3/7/21: A Good Plan Goes Wrong: Part 1 

3/14/21; A Good Plan Goes Wrong: Part 2 

3/21/21: A Face In The Window

3/28/21: The Last Rider 

3/30/21: Special Post- New T.I.v1 Image Turns Up 

4/4/21: The Gathering 


More On Important Figures and Reflections
Trans Iowa v12
4/25/2021: Closer To Home   
5/30/21: The Table Is Set 
7/4/21: Images of v12 
8/1/21: A Near Miss
8/8/21: Celebrations 
8/15/21: Four To Go   
 More On Important Figures and Reflections
8/22/21: No Rest
Trans Iowa v13
11/7/21: Troubles 
11/28/21: Bridges Part 1
12/5/21: Bridges Part 2 
 12/19/21: Checkpoint Madness

 12/26/21: Waiting For A Light To Shine

1/2/22: Punch Drunk In Pella 

1/9/22: Setting Up For A Brutal Finish

1/16/22: It All Came Down To This 

1/23/22: An Ending- A Release

1/30/22: A Contrast Of Two Cyclists 

2/6/22: When The Clock Strikes Two


On Making The Decision To End It  

2/13/22: Assessing The Events So Far 

2/20/22: Coming To A Head

2/27/22: A Different Affair 

3/6/22: How Do You Do This?

3/13/22: Changes And Challenges 

3/20/22: Keeping the Secret

3/27/22: Changing Gears On The Finish 


Trans Iowa v14

4/3/22: Missing Persons   

4/10/22: Gearing Up For The Last Time 

4/17/22: A Rough Start: Part 1

4/24/22: A Rough Start: Part 2

 5/1/22: A Chorus Of Bovine Voices

5/8/22: Tears And Beers 

5/15/22: Troubles Balance The Scales