The Touring Series


This page holds my recounting of my two self-supported, over-the-road touring trips which occurred in 1995 and 1996. The first was dubbed the "Beg, Borrow, and Bastard Tour" while the second one was called "The Race Against Death Tour". These tours happened during a very trying time in my life. A point in my life which I consider the worst stretch I've ever had since then. It was against this backdrop that these tours occurred. This also led to a pivotal point in my spiritual life and in my life in general. Read on to find out how that happened....

A few things to consider as you read these entries:

  • There were no cell phones
  • There were no digital cameras
  • There were no GPS maps
  • There was no social media

This was a VERY different time which must be remembered as you read these stories. 

The links take you to each entry, and I highly recommend that you start with the first and read them consecutively. Otherwise the context will be lost and these entries lose their value. Also of note: This is a rewritten version of these tales which I started posting in 2018. The 'original' tales are also here on the blog, but I will not be linking those on this page as the rewritten parts are far superior to what I first posted. Many of the rewritten bits and additions are indicated as you will see. Thank you for checking out these tales!


The Beg Borrow And Bastard Tour

Announcing The Touring Series


I Had No Business Going, But I Did!

A Look Back At The Horse That Got Me There

The Tour Gets A Name

The First Hundy Part 1

The First Hundy Part 2

A Night At The Old Barn

The Stonemason Of Petersen

To The Mighty Miss!

The Bastard Trail

Hippies And Vagabonds

A Tale Of Hills And Hurry

Heading Into Cranberry Country

Getting Juiced!

A Day For Ducks

The Stevens Point Debacle

Taking A Turn For The Worse

Dealing With The Consequences

Getting Buzzed

Foreigners In Another Nation

Strangers In The Night!

Approaching The Big Lake

Speed Touring

How We Did Things


Rained, Over, And Out

In A Blazer Of Glory


The Race Against Death Tour

The Time Between Tours

Announcing The Race Against Death Tour Series

Pre-Tour Happenings

The Race Against Death Tour Begins!

Onward Through The Fog!

Burgers In Nemeha


Over The Border

Time Trialing On Touring Bikes

R.I.P. Jerry

A Dead End

A Ride In Jo's Truck

Highway To Hell

Into The Wild West

Festus And The Bombed Out Town

Prairie Town Horror Part 1

Prairie Town Horror Part 2

Hopes Dashed

Three Beggars

An Oasis On The Prairie Part 1

An Oasis On The Prairie Part 2

Not So Scenic

A Quick Recap So Far

I Give Up!

Beggars Again

The Rapid City Scene!

A Big Announcement

A Game Of Hacky-Sack

A Day At Sylvan Lake

The Load Out

A Welcome Home Party 

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