Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rant # III Chain Lube & Supply and Demand

Sorry, no pics lately. I'll have more soon! Now on to The Rant!!

Okay, pet peeve #2 has gotta be chain lube, it's miss-uses, and "lube" that is NOT lube! I get to see a lot of peoples bicycles as a shop rat, and therefore I get to see how people take care of their drivetrains. (Or not, as the case is, most often) The number one thing that amazes me is how people use wax based chain "lubes". Well, that is if you think that something based on candles is lube. I do not buy into that train of thought, no sirree! What's more is, people almost NEVER use it correctly anyhow, so it really isn't lube then! It becomes the destroyer of drivetrain parts. Just exactly the opposite of what was intended. And all this talk about dry lubes being cleaner! Ha! Whatever! These "White Lightening" bikes are covered with so much gray pasty stuff, it's like a two bit whores face with too much make-up- WAY too much! Yeah, and even if you used the wax based stuff correctly, you'll end up with a noisey chain, and clunky sounding shifts. Nice!

One good thing about waxy crap lube is that it has a way volitile carrier. (Just ask Jeff!) It BURNS!!! Just think of the fun you could have! Lube up a "friends" drivetrain as a favor, then when he pulls away, flick a Blue Tip at 'em! Try it at night for a more dramatic effect!! ( NO! not really! Just kidding!- but that would be pretty cool!)

Supply and demand is all sorts of jacked up in the bicycle biz right about now. And be prepared for HIGHER prices on just about everything. We've seen some pricing for '06 already, and it's goin' up, baby! Just like a dress on prom night! So, if you can get what you want, now is the time to get it. It ain't gonna get any cheaper! If you wait, you may not even be able to get it! Well, at least until next year!

Ahhh, what the heck! You can always light up something with your wax based lube for kicks! At least you'd be doing me, a bunch of other mechanics, and some drivetrain parts a big, big favor!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Rant # II: The Bike Path

Yeah, yeah. Jeff had a linky to this acidic rant on Bike Path Riders the other day, so why write one of my own? Because I CAN, THAT'S WHY!!!

So, yeah, I'm checking out the Seargant Road trail. Turns out that I saw more riders in this 8 mile stretch than I ever have before. ( pre-paved days) It's going to be a good thing for cycling and the community. Trouble is, it's already developed some nasty trail "zits" just after the intersection with the westbound trail that branches off to Cedar Falls. This trail has been paved for like what? Three weeks?! Ouch! That's going to throw someone to the curb, and real soon!

Then, of course, there was the requisite helmetless rider(s). Not too surprised by that. Just that the tandem riders I saw had a captain that has already broken his wrist as a result of a cycling accident- THIS YEAR! Dude! What does it take to get through to some of these folks? Not only that, but his stoker, a young lady (his daughter?) was helmetless as well. Yeah, Daddy luvs ya, Babe!

So, I get off at Hudson where some ol' man is berating his teen-age son, rather harshly. That'll get him somewhere! Wow! Then, just after leaving town on the westbound blacktop, the same scene plays out again! What's up with that? Must be a little tense in the Hudson area today.

I did a one speed only ride today, for about 3.5 hours. I haven't got a clue which combo I picked, but I couldn't spin it any faster than 18mph. without doing the bouncy-bouncy. I rode my ol' Trek 420. Tried to concentrate on form, spinning, and climbing. Worked out well.

Once back to town, and more bike paths, I ran into more helmetless riders than I could count. And trail zits! Wow! That bad section going east on the Riverside trail, just after crossing Hackett is HEINOUS! Head injury anyone? It's going to happen, because the chance of any rider biffing on that section wearing a helmet is nil!

Well, this area has awesome trails, but the maintenance part is sorely lacking. Be careful out there, if you choose to ride the trail system. It's getting worse all the time.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Endurance Racing News!

No! not the Indy 500, or the Coca Cola 600, this is about bicycles, okay! Sheesh! All-righty then!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my co-worker Jeff Kerkove on his dominating win at the Metro 12 hour race out there in Milwaukee. ................WAY TO GO, BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you'd pull out a good result, but winning by nine minutes! Good to see all your hard effort paying off. Get 'er done!

Also, an awesome result for Cameron Chambers in the Solo Nationals out at Spokane ,Washington. He's been due for a huge result! What's doubly cool about it is that the winner of the Stars and Stripes jersey did it on a Gary Fisher 29 inch wheeled bike! This is the big wheels most impressive win so far, and not the last! Way to go Cameron!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Price of Technology...Please Pay at the Register!

One of my current pet peeves is the proliferation of cogs on today's cassettes. This all being done in a space originally designed for six cogs. Now we have TEN! Thinner cogs +thinner chains = faster wearing parts. Not good when I see customers at the shop blowing through $100.00 Ultegra cassettes, and $30.00 Dura Ace chains in way less than a thosand miles. It was only a matter of time in my mind before we would start to see Companies start covering their hind ends with some tech bulletin, or other to warn customers that they need to be prepared to shell out big bucks on their drivetrains mounted to their brand new bikes BEFORE the first season of ownership is even over!!!

Well, here it is! This from Airbourne's e-newsletter. Don't forget to read between the lines! (The following text from Airbourne e-newsletter)...........

Keeping your drive train happy One of the best ways to keep a drive train efficient and happy is to always run a clean chain. Not only will this increase efficiency and allow for smoother shifting, it will save you money in the long run. A dirty chain with a ton of grit on it will literally grind the teeth and valleys on your cassette and chain rings down leading to slow and inaccurate shifting. And you don't want that, as will make for an unhappy rider. Sure you can always use those fancy chain washers and solvents to clean your chain while it's on the frame, but it's just not the same as pulling the chain off and giving it a good wash. So go out and grab your self a screw type chain tool CT-3 from Park Tool or go with a Sram chain with one of those cool Power Links. Then take one of your nasty old water bottles, fill it with a environmentally friendly degreaser, drop your dirty chain it, and close it tight. Let the bottle sit overnight, empty it out, pull the chain out, and wipe it off. Then refill the bottle again with degreaser, drop the chain back in and shake for three to five minutes. Empty out the bottle, pull out your nice clean chain, wipe dry, and apply your favorite lube. Another good addition to this process is to buy a second chain so that you can always have a clean chain ready to throw onto the bike. While one chain is on the bike doing its job, you will always have another clean chain in your quiver ready for when you need. Less down time for the bike, more ride time for you. Happy drive train, happy rider.

...................and a sad pocketbook!(my words, again) So, what do you all think of that? Sound off, if your willing.

Il Falco, and Making Work Fun

Burley Flatbed in action. Making a recycling run.
Guitar Ted Productions

How about that Giro d'Italia? For those of you that are unaware, the Giro is a tour of Italy on the level of the Tour de France. A European, three week long cycling race featuring the top professional teams. Check it out! An epic ride was put in by Paolo Savoldelli, a member of the Discovery Cycling team, along with that "Lance" fellow. A good place to check it out is cyclingnews.com . Click on the link in the sidebar for more!

Made a recycling run to rid our house of some excess cardboard with my new Burley Flatbed trailer. Works awesome! This trailer can carry up to 100 lbs., and guarantees strange looks from motorists! It can be used in a million different ways, only limit is your imagination. It's light, and tows easily. It can attach to the non-driveside chainstay of almost any bike, and those that it can't attach to, Burley makes an alternative hitch for. Made in the U.S. of A. in Oregon. Get one for around a $150.00 or so. (I'm not sponsored by Burley, or connected to them in any way. I paid for this trailer myself!)

Wonder how Jeff is doing?........

Friday, May 27, 2005

Another Mutt From the Stable

The main commuter rig. A Schwinn CrissCross, lugged steel goodness!
Guitar Ted Productions

Every so often I will feature one of my bikes, or guitars for a breakdown of it's history, and usage in the world of Guitar Ted. Today's example is my main commuter bike.

This gets a bit complicated, so bear with me. This started out originally as another bike entirely. Going way back to my first shop rat gig at Advantage Cyclery, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. In a download of bike parts from a customer, (another looong story for another time),I managed to get my hands on an old Raleigh Gran Sport, lugged steel frame and fork. I eventually built up some wheels for it, and threw on some stuff I had laying around for running gear. I used this bike rarely for the first six or seven years that I had it, and in fact had it torn back down to a frame and fork for a long time. Fast forward to 2002, when I got my current gig at Europa Cycle and Ski. I had determined that I would commute by bicycle as much as possible. I got the Raleigh back together with much of the "original" parts. Whilst riding back and forth to work, I noticed that this bike was rather "whippy", which I found un-nerving at times. Well, me being a "clyde" and all didn't help that! Then one day, the husband of one of my co-workers saw me leaving work on the Raleigh. He says, "Wait a minute! I think that was my bike!" Well, it turns out that at one time it was his bike, which he used for cyclo-cross. He had snapped the fork legs off at one point and re-brazed them back together. The work he had done was still evident. He said that I shouldn't trust to that job, and that I shouldn't be riding that fork anymore! Well that made up my mind, real quick! I was looking for another frame and fork.

Enter the Schwinn. It came to me from a customer that had lived in Florida by the ocean. (Which, granted, is hard NOT to do in Florida!) Every part on that bike that wasn't painted, or aluminum was corroded from sea salt spray. He got another bike and gave the shop his old one for free, which I quickly glommed onto. My boss gave me the green light and voila! What you see above came into being. The old Raliegh frame and fork went to my boss as part of the deal.

The set-up may look goofy, but this bad boy has a long top tube which corresponds to a 59cm. bike, with a seat and head tube that correspond to a 53cm bike! No wonder Schwinn went bankrupt! 400mm. seatpost, and high rise quill stem make up for it though. Nice stiff ride, and plenty of clearance for 38mm. tires with fenders. ( which are going back on soon!) Hope you enjoyed the commuter special! Get your bike out, and ride to work!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

What? It's Not Friday?

Ever have one of those days where you thought it was a different day, no matter what the calendar said? Well, today I thought it was Friday, all day long. In fact, as I type this, I feel like this is Friday. I guess that's allright until tomorrow when I wake up, and realize that, yes indeedy, I do still need to report for work one more time before the weekend. Aaaaah! The agony! At least it's payday, which will assuage my dismay over having to live through two consecutive Fridays in a row.

On another note: I know that Jeff (Mr.24), would never report this himself for fear of it reflecting badly on his sponsor, but I do not have such compunctions- so here goes!! His Fox fork recieved just a couple of weeks ago developed a bad case of unwanted fore and aft movement recently. Just in time for this weekends 12 hour rage in the Milwaukee area. With his other fork out at Fox for a rebuild,( last years fork) he looked to be in quite the pickle. Hard to race with a sketchy fork on one bike and none on the other. So, just yesterday,( Wednesday) Jeff finally gets the correct contact info for his "inside" guy at Fox. He contacts him, and much to his delight and hope, the Fox guy promises overnight delivery of a new replacement fork. Well, seeing as it's rather easy to promise and harder to deliver, Jeff wasn't holding his breath. However; Thursday morning, here it shows. And not only that, the Fox guy fixed him up with all kinds of really cool Fox schwag! Awesome! Fox customer service rules, people. AND they stand behind their product, too! Jeff's always been happy with the performance of the forks, and until the latest hiccup, no problems with quality of the product. Now Jeff has a brand new fork on his primary rig and the "sketchy" one on the backup bike- if need be. He sends the poorly performing fork in AFTER the weekends goings-on. That's pretty cool in my book. So, give the Fox forks a good long look next time your in the market for forkage. Too bad they don't do a 29 inch wheel compatible fork, cause I'd be all over that like white on rice!

Obviously, it's a big holiday weekend staring us all in the face. I can tell by the twitch in it's eye! Seriously, please be careful out there, especially you road riders! Alchohol fueled nimwits will abound! In any case, have fun!

Go Jeff!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Unnnh!.....HELP!! It's got me by the pants and it's sucking me in! HELP! AAAAAHHHH!
Guitar Ted Productions

Today we got what we should have gotten a long time ago. But, let's not get into that! The point is, this is how the bikes get to your local bike shop. Each bike is boxed up in the Far East, put in a HUGE container, shipped over seas, unloaded, parceled out, delivered to a distribution center, ordered by a shop, re-loaded on a freight truck, and delivered to the shop for assembly. As the Grateful Dead would say, "What a long, strange trip we've been on."

So, now that you know that, I'm sure you all feel enriched! Ha! Just remember, Europa Cycle and Ski has a lot of bikes to sell. Tell a friend! Shameless plug now ending!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A "Class" Bunch of People

Some cyclists you don't necessarily "want" to meet! Members of the Cedar Falls and Waterloo Police Bike Patrols.
Guitar Ted Productions

I had the honor and pleasure of instructing members of the Waterloo, and Cedar Falls bicycle patrol squads today. Not only that, but I got to do it outside at the Cedar Falls Recreational Welcome Center, located out at Prarie Lakes Park. OH YEAH! Two hours of PERFECT weather, talkin' about the stuff I love. As the ol' commercial says, " It doesn't get any better than this!". Well, I suppose I could have been riding, but hey! It's close to perfection. Thanks to the wonderful men and women that attended, and serve our communities. You guys and gals are awesome!

Busy at the shop today. That's what warm weather will do. I have to give a shout out to Mr.24 for coming in on his day off, (voluntarily, I might add) and crankin' out a few repairs while I was galavanting out in the sun. I wouldn't have gotten all the work done without him. (Thanks, Buddy!!)

Well, I'm sure all the trails are filling up with the fair weather cyclists. Be aware! Be kind! Yes, you have been slogging it out for months now, but remember, you are an ambassador of the sport. Lead by example! Have a great ride today, and hope that it doesn't rain tomorrow. Later!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Lifes Little Decisions: Part II

Use this and you won't be sorry!
Guitar Ted Productions

Due to an unfortunate event over the weekend involving a well known area cyclist, I wanted to point out a little something. Something you all probably do most, if not all, the time. So, why write it? Well it's not so much for you out there who do it, but for those of you who know people that don't. Please tell the people that don't. Tell them to make this wise decision. Wear a bicycle helmet whenever they ride a bike. Everytime. All the time! It only takes one crash to wreck your life, and that of others that care about you. Just wear the d@#*n helmet! Please. It doesn't hurt to wear a helmet, but it does if you don't. Okay? If you do wear one, hey! Great! Please pass the word to those who don't. Thanks! Rant mode off!

I'd like to wish the person involved in this mishap a speedy recovery. (No need for a name- you know or you don't!)

Garage Bike Classics

Today's Garage Bike Classic: an original Nishiki Ariel. Full DX gruppo.
Guitar Ted Productions

Well, every once in a while I get to see some fairly interesting bikes. I thought I'd share with you all. Today's is a bike designed by none other than Richard Cunningham, the editor of Mountain Bike Action. It is kitted out in a full Deore DX group, which was just below XT at the time. An elevated chainstay design executed in chrome-moly tubing, these were a pretty unique sight out on the trails. Sold by Racket Master, in Iowa City. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Is It A Bike, Or A Toy?

Ya know, sometimes I get all proud and feelin' good about our sport of cycling. I hear a story of courage, triumph over pain, a path to fitness, or just seeing a youngster on a bike. Then again, I meet some people and I get all the air let out of me like a sucker punch from a bar room punk.

Take Friday for instance. A gentleman comes into the shop, and is looking over the road bikes. Looking with an intense kind of look that, after being in retail for as long as I have, tells me, this guy is ready to go for it. Okay! Here we go! I am thinking that this fellow is going to soon be enjoying the benefits that only cycling can bring. Well, that and having a huge chesire-like grin on his face, riding his new bike like a truant school child that just stole the rich kids new bike! Anyway, I get to talking to this guy, and within seconds, I'm left standing dumfounded. Check this out.

He tells me that he is looking for a new bicycle because his wife just backed over his old one with the van, turning it into a really cool abstract art project. Then he hits me with this. "I am going on that "river" ride. You know, the one that starts in New Orleans and comes up north? Well, I rode that Iowa 150 ride that one year, and I started training for that about 10 days before it started, so I thought I'd better get a new bike now because I have to leave for this ride in a couple of weeks. I better get in shape, ya know?" Yeah, rrriiiigggght!! WOW! What do you say? Maybe Lance was right all along. It's NOT about the bike, it's about the PAR-TEE!! DOH! All this time wasted waxing philosophical and all about the "mind clearing" and the "one-ness" with the pain, and the beauty of the simplicity! All wasted! I could have just been dumb and stupid and had another beer! I could have saved myself tons of money! I could have enjoyed the company of thousands of other lemmings totin' the Lite beer line, and drivin' a SUV, and suckin' down heaters! WOW! I really SUCK!! I really believe all this cycling crap! I'm really WAY into it!
What was I thinking?

Well, I don't know, but I'm sure glad I do! Wouldn't have it any other way. Is it a bike, or is it a toy? Maybe it's a lifestyle. Weird, yes! That's okay, but it's MY lifestyle, baby! I love it!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Junk Day

Today was the Nieghborhood Clean-up day up here in the "Church Row" nieghborhood of Waterloo. I was taking advantage of that! Got rid of a washing machine, a mattress, a box spring, and an old toilet! Pretty cool! No dump fee, and a cleaner place. Only bad thing was the washer was in the basement, and I pretty much pushed it up the stairs myself, with a little help from my wife. Those things are HEAVY!

Umm..........like how many weekend days have we had cold, rainy, and windy conditions? Like, ever since Trans Iowa?! This is getting really old. Of course, Monday will probably be a beautiful day!

Played at church in the band tonight, and now I'm bushed! Been goin at it since six o'clock this morning, so it's time to chill out. Later!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Sign of the Times?

Mr. 24 working on skis......IN MAY! Global climate change?
Guitar Ted Productions

This is soooo wrong! Some guy brings in seven pairs of skis in May, of all things, to be worked on! Well, I guess it "could" be worse. ( I am not sure quite how) This must be a sign. Cold weather, slow business at the shop, and now this. Ugggh!

Not only that, but Mr 24 himself was rather grouchy today, as well. Overtraining? Starch in his undies? Large colony of saddle sores take up residence in his nether regions? I dunno?! You be the judge! What will cheer up Mr Grumpypants? Ahhh! Too many questions!

Enjoy your weekend, ya'all! I'll be totin' garbage! More later!

I seem to be doomed today. I can't shake this feeling.....Cats! Jealous cats!
Guitar Ted Productions

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lifes Little Decisions

Life. It's a series of decisions.
Guitar Ted Productions

You ever considered that just about everything that ever happens to you is a result of a decision. Either yours, someone elses, or (usually) a combination of the two. You walk through this life living out the cosequences of these decisions. Sometimes somebody is looking out for you. Sometimes you don't even know it, but someone over-rides your decision and saves you from the potential consequences. Sometimes.......

I decided to be nice today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A "Rare" Species

A species previously thought to be extinct appears to still be alive. This specimen was spotted next to another extinct species' tool box!
Guitar Ted Productions
Today marked a momentous occaision down at Europa Cycle and Ski, as a species previously thought to be extinct appeared next to a toolbox that belonged to another extinct species known only as "Leans on Stick". This fine example of "Muddy Fox" appears to be none the worse for wear, and caused Jeff, the mechanic on duty, to say, "That shoo-wa izzz wun thweeet ride, dooode!". To which an astonished co-worker, Guitar Ted, replied, "Hey Buddy! U ain't jus-a-whizzlin' Dixie! Them wurdz iz gole-done!" Thoughts were that the mechanic duo may make up some "Muddy Fox" t-shirts to celebrate this most auspicious occaision!

Meet the "Family"

Back row L-R, 88 Strat, 98 Les Paul Standard, 90 Eric Clapton Strat, 84 Hamer Blitz, Front row L-R, 79 Epiphone SC-450, 83 Peavey Horizon II, 80's pawnshop guitar, 72 Gretsch
Guitar Ted Productions

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

G-Ted T.V.? and New Website- Again!!

Well, you all know this is Bike to Work Week, don't you? Well, you should.....BIKE TO WORK, that is!! In a related story, the KWWL early morning show inadvertantly interviewed me, and filmed me riding my bike for a feature on commuting, to possibly air on Thursday morning. Apparently, my disguise as a mild mannered bicycle mechanic put them off thier guard. They really were there to interview my boss, but using my superior mind skills, I weasled my way into the spotlight, once again! YES! Now, only a wise programming whiz at the local T.V. station is standing between me and eternal fame! Or is that "flame", as in flame out, doode! Oh well! Commute on, my brethren! Commute on.

Yes! Another 29 inch wheeled specific website! This time by the good fellows that bring you the goodness that is Blue Collar Mountain Bikes. Check it out at http://twentynineinches.com To my knowledge, no animals were harmed, ( or used) in the making of this site!

Better weather is coming! Get out and ride!

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Blahs and Such

Well, what can I say about this weather we're having? PLENTY! I'll try to spare you all, but it's hard NOT to talk about it. It really has had a bad effect on the bike business, bike riding, and my general mood lately. Ya' know, when I went to work on Saturday, and the wind I'm riding into causes me to work so hard that I think I'm gonna barf, and I'm only doin' 7mph! Man! That's depressing! Well, that and it's been like this for a month now. Hmm, let's see.....May 16th, and it was what.........37 degrees(!!!) this morning. Sheesh! Wanna bet that in a week it'll be 80 something and humid as all get out? ( I'll win, cause I'm taking the cold and wet line at 3 to 1 odds. It's Memorial Day weekend coming up- duh!)

Yeah, bikes! You know, those two wheeled contraptions that people ride? Well, at least they do when it's NICE out. 'Course, I don't blame 'em for not ridin' lately. However; it better be soon, or I think I may get my hours cut in May of all things! And it's not just our shop. There just isn't anybody interested in suffering through this cold, wet, and windy mess. Well, unless you race. Or are a freak like me that rides all year 'round. It's just that now with this rain, the high water is cutting into the places I like to ride. Now, by the time it dries up, the "jungle" will have taken over on the off road trails, not to mention the skeeters, and I'll be roadie bound till fall. Good thing I got a ride in Ullrich when I did!

I was thinking about all the training we do to our bodies, but who "trains" for trailside repairs? It's not a bad idea. Find out what it takes to fix that flat fast with the tire and wheel combo you've got. ( every one is different) Do you know how to use that fancy inflator, or air pump you got for Christmas? Find out NOW before you HAVE TO later! Nothing like being in an event, or heck, just out for a quick ride, and have it ruined because you don't know where your 5mm allen wrench is. Or if the tube in your bag is still good. Or how to adjust your disc brakes trailside. Whatever you need to take with you to fix a flat, or support your self with needs to be checked out, and you need to know how to use it. Training. It's all good!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

New 29 Inch Wheeled Specific Site!

Just saw where there is a new website dedicated to the pursuit, and happiness of 29 inch wheeled goodness! Check this brand new site out, and be in on the ground floor of the only site outside of mtbr.com that deals heavily in the adult wheel size. www.twentyniner.net

Off to Grandma and Grandpa's house! Have a great ride today, and see ya'all ta-marrah!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday Meanderings

A respite from the rain! Thanks God! Anyway, I guess we will have some wind instead. Oh well, I'll take that over rain! Maybe I will get a short ride in before......................

.........................WORK! On a Saturday! Horrors! You know, it wasn't that long ago when I had to work Saturdays on a regular basis, so once in a while is really no biggie. I get to spend more quality time with Mr.24. ( Who, by the way, is NOT happy to work on Saturday) We "might" be busy, if it warms up a little, so we'll see.

The shop took delivery of a Trek Pilot 5.0 yesterday, about 4 months late. (Thanks Trek, Buddy!!) I guess they are hard to come by what with Trek being so far behind. We still have a customer waiting on a carbon fiber bike ordered in November of '04! ( That's pretty far "behind" I'd say!) Of course, this does wonders for the business/ customer relationship! Oh well, there's aways Giant! (HINT!)

Then there is Sunday, which is supposed to be pretty nice. I'll be taking the family to Grandma and Grandpa's house so they can see their grandchildren. It's been since Easter, so it's time. Probably won't be seeing any bike time that day! It's okay though, there is more to life than just bikes, and guitars, and.............wait a minute! Umm..........yeah, there is!

Congrats to Carlos on the "Rite of Passage" he experienced yesterday. Good luck on the internship! I'm sure that it's a load offa yer brain!

Tryin' ta git hooked up with Midge, but havin' no luck yet- more later! WTB saddle review comin' soon! Ergon grip report, and some tire usage to report on soon! Look for reviews! Rants an' more will be on the radar. Thanks fer readin, ya'all!

Is the plane on autopilot? Or has the captain gone AWOL?
Guitar Ted Productions

Friday, May 13, 2005

Another Day at the Office: Part One

"Desperado Most Wanted", a typical patient on a typical day
Guitar Ted Productions

Well what we have here is.......failure to communicate! Some customers ya jus cain't reach! So...ya git wot we have here this week. Well, if they wants it....They gits it!! I don't like it any more than you do. (With apollogies to "Cool Hand Luke")

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Story of "Guitar Ted" or Who Dat?

Okay, I'm only going to tell this story once, so read well! I get asked this from time to time. "What's with "Guitar Ted" anyway? Where'd that come from?" Well, here is a rather condensed answer, but enough for you all to get the gist of it.

Okay....go back...NO! further.....keep going.....goooooiiiing!......a little more!.......oh, oh!.....YES!! Your in the Seventies! Bell bottoms, long hair, DISCO (sucks! heh heh!) and all that. Big, large masses of steel resembling ships with wheels roamed the streets. (Thus the term "Land Yachts). "Little" cars were jokes. Vega, Pinto, Pacer.....shall I continue? Foriegn cars were, well...FOREIGN! Nary a one to be seen. Why do I get into all of this? Well, we were a bit more "american" back in the day. Things from "overseas", as it used to be termed, were still frowned upon. I'm not saying it was right, or wrong, it just "was". My Dad was a Union guy, working in a factory. He used to get on about all this "foriegn" stuff encroaching in on "american" stuff. Try eating your foriegn car- remember that? Anyway, I was young, and wanted my Dad's approval, so I listened. I was into rock music. Yeah! NOT DISCO!! ( sorry- it's a sensitive subject!) I wanted to explore a more "american" approach to hard rock. But, back in the seventies there was like what....Aerosmith, Boston, and.....Aerosmith! What! The Euros had Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzie, Led Zepplin.....all the really cool stuff! I dug and dug at the local Gibson's record bin. Then finally I heard it. Over the loud speakers set up in the record department. This really cool tune! I asked what it was, and found out it was by an American artist by the name of Ted Nugent. PUUURRRRFFFECT!!!

Fast forward to the late seventies. I was thoroughly entrenched in everything Nugent. Awesome! Well, anybody that had there head so far up into something back then in a small mid-western town was sure to stick out! We had a name for the terminally dropped out, cigarette smokin', par-tee-in, drinkin', drug usin' crowd- "Dirtheads". Well, that morphed into other names to compartmentalize other "strange" kids that didn't tow the "I'm a sheep" line. Like car people= Gear heads, smart people=Book heads, atheletes=Jock heads, well, you get the picture. I was the ONLY Ted head. Well, kind of. I had a friend a year older than me that wasn't necessarily into the Nuge, but out of respect/ kindness to me, referred to himself as "Ed Head". Thus, the Head Brothers were unleashed upon an unsuspecting populice. By the time I graduated from highschool, a lot of people thought my name WAS Ted. I worked at the local grocer, and my name tag said, "Ted H." The manager didn't even know my real name! On to college where I scribed many a "Ted Head Lives!" on a bathroom wall. (In reference to the famous Lord of the Rings graffiti, "Frodo Lives!") But, as they say, time marches on.........

.....and on, and on, and...........HEY! It's the 21st Century again! By now, "TED HEAD" is a long lost memory to most. Then my introduction to the internet, and message boards which require a "name" to post on, and then I get to thinking, and presto! Guitar Ted! I guess I never "really" went away, I just "matured", you might say. So, now YOU know! Don't ask again! I ain't gonna tell it anymore!

Another "Mutt" for the "Stable"!

Project High Sierra singlespeed with rollercam brakes.
Guitar Ted Productions
Well, here is a bike that coined a phrase that my boss likes to use "ad infinitum", ( or shall I say ad nauseum!) One of many projects going on here at Guitar Ted Labratories. Currently, she is completely torn down and stripped nekkid! I've got to get 'er powdercoated real soon, so stay tuned, ya'all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The 29 inch wheeled Wonderbike

Just a picture here to show you my main bike that I ride off road, and as a commuter. I was out to Ullrich Park on Tuesday for a re-con of some supposed new trail. Well, it was a bitter dissapointment. It was so bad, I had to turn around and walk my bike back out. I won't get into detail about it, cause it just doesn't really matter. Suffice it to say that Ullrich was a blast, except that some people think you need a log ride every 20ft. or something. That drives me nuts! I took it upon myself, as one of the originators of that trail, to remove a few of the most offensive log crossings.

Tried some PowerBar, Gu, and Hammer Nutrition products on the three hour ride yesterday. Man! That stuff is awesome! Never felt better on the bike, and especially after the ride. If you don't already use such products....well, you should! Contact Mr. 24, Jeff Kerkove at Europa Cycle and Ski, or myself( same place) for more, or go to www.jeffkerkove.blogspot.com Pester him! He's the expert with the "golden words"!

As always, if you have issues with what I have done, or written here, please e-mail me at seveneye7@mchsi.com I'll read every e-mail I get, and try to respond, but if it has to do with logride removal, well that's too bad! I can't stand 'em!
The Karate Monkey captured in it's natural habitat: pic above
Guitar Ted Productions

Welcome Wagon

Welcome to the Freakshow that is Guitar Ted Productions! It is here that I will be at liberty to espouse my verbiage in an unbridled, yet entertaining fashion. I have previously been a guest on Jeff Kerkove's site, and I would like to thank him for his incredible generosity. Look for further upgrades to this site as they become technically possible for me to execute!