Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A "Class" Bunch of People

Some cyclists you don't necessarily "want" to meet! Members of the Cedar Falls and Waterloo Police Bike Patrols.
Guitar Ted Productions

I had the honor and pleasure of instructing members of the Waterloo, and Cedar Falls bicycle patrol squads today. Not only that, but I got to do it outside at the Cedar Falls Recreational Welcome Center, located out at Prarie Lakes Park. OH YEAH! Two hours of PERFECT weather, talkin' about the stuff I love. As the ol' commercial says, " It doesn't get any better than this!". Well, I suppose I could have been riding, but hey! It's close to perfection. Thanks to the wonderful men and women that attended, and serve our communities. You guys and gals are awesome!

Busy at the shop today. That's what warm weather will do. I have to give a shout out to Mr.24 for coming in on his day off, (voluntarily, I might add) and crankin' out a few repairs while I was galavanting out in the sun. I wouldn't have gotten all the work done without him. (Thanks, Buddy!!)

Well, I'm sure all the trails are filling up with the fair weather cyclists. Be aware! Be kind! Yes, you have been slogging it out for months now, but remember, you are an ambassador of the sport. Lead by example! Have a great ride today, and hope that it doesn't rain tomorrow. Later!

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