Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday Meanderings

A respite from the rain! Thanks God! Anyway, I guess we will have some wind instead. Oh well, I'll take that over rain! Maybe I will get a short ride in before......................

.........................WORK! On a Saturday! Horrors! You know, it wasn't that long ago when I had to work Saturdays on a regular basis, so once in a while is really no biggie. I get to spend more quality time with Mr.24. ( Who, by the way, is NOT happy to work on Saturday) We "might" be busy, if it warms up a little, so we'll see.

The shop took delivery of a Trek Pilot 5.0 yesterday, about 4 months late. (Thanks Trek, Buddy!!) I guess they are hard to come by what with Trek being so far behind. We still have a customer waiting on a carbon fiber bike ordered in November of '04! ( That's pretty far "behind" I'd say!) Of course, this does wonders for the business/ customer relationship! Oh well, there's aways Giant! (HINT!)

Then there is Sunday, which is supposed to be pretty nice. I'll be taking the family to Grandma and Grandpa's house so they can see their grandchildren. It's been since Easter, so it's time. Probably won't be seeing any bike time that day! It's okay though, there is more to life than just bikes, and guitars, and.............wait a minute! Umm..........yeah, there is!

Congrats to Carlos on the "Rite of Passage" he experienced yesterday. Good luck on the internship! I'm sure that it's a load offa yer brain!

Tryin' ta git hooked up with Midge, but havin' no luck yet- more later! WTB saddle review comin' soon! Ergon grip report, and some tire usage to report on soon! Look for reviews! Rants an' more will be on the radar. Thanks fer readin, ya'all!

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