Monday, May 23, 2005

Lifes Little Decisions: Part II

Use this and you won't be sorry!
Guitar Ted Productions

Due to an unfortunate event over the weekend involving a well known area cyclist, I wanted to point out a little something. Something you all probably do most, if not all, the time. So, why write it? Well it's not so much for you out there who do it, but for those of you who know people that don't. Please tell the people that don't. Tell them to make this wise decision. Wear a bicycle helmet whenever they ride a bike. Everytime. All the time! It only takes one crash to wreck your life, and that of others that care about you. Just wear the d@#*n helmet! Please. It doesn't hurt to wear a helmet, but it does if you don't. Okay? If you do wear one, hey! Great! Please pass the word to those who don't. Thanks! Rant mode off!

I'd like to wish the person involved in this mishap a speedy recovery. (No need for a name- you know or you don't!)

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Amen Sister!