Sunday, September 20, 2020

Trans Iowa Stories: T.I.V9 Photo Dump Part 1

 "Trans Iowa Stories" is an every Sunday post which helps tell the stories behind the event. You can check out other posts about this subject by going back to earlier Sunday posts on this blog. Thanks and enjoy!

The events of T.I.v9 maybe weren't all that dramatic, but the day/night/day of the event were spectacular in the sense that the photo opportunities were very high in quality and quantity. That we had so many photographers out that day was quite an unusual thing as well. There was Jason Boucher, Wally Kilburg, George Keslin, and Scott Haraldson all armed with big lenses and expensive camera bodies. I also was taking images and I believe a Des Moines Register photographer was also there. Add in some spectacular shots taken by the riders themselves during that event, and the images are just too good and too numerous to get into my regular story telling here. 

So, the plan here is to put up a gob of the best stuff, add a bit of context, and just try to show the imagery of that particular Trans Iowa in a way that might help explain this event's allure, it's challenges, and the beauty of Iowa in Springtime. Enjoy!

This mile section of exceptionally rough gravel was on the course past Checkpoint #1.
A nearly full moon hung over the T.I.v9 course the morning the event started. This view from E. 84th St. N West of Grinnell. 
The lead-out, here seen at HWY 146's crossing, at the start of T.I.v9. Image by Heather Wince.
Sunrise on the Saturday of T.I.v9 as seen east of Ira, Iowa.
Morning fog as Ari Andonopoulous 'spreads his wings' Image by Jason Boucher
Fog shrouds a rider the morning of the T.I.v9 start. Image by Ari Andonopoulous
A derelict windmill tower stands vigil during the foggy morning of T.I.v9

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have a lot of the really good stuff from Wall Kilburg and George Keslin anymore, but these should be enough to convey the beauty of that Saturday morning. I'll have a Part 2 coming up next, so stay tuned!

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