Monday, September 07, 2020

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from Guitar Ted Productions!

Hopefully you have gotten in some memorable times with friends, family, and loved ones- socially distanced, natch!

This is the 'traditional end of Summer' for many folks. It will certainly feel more like Fall this week, at least around these parts. 

I'll have been relaxing around the home here, but I did get out for a bit of a ride Saturday. Look for a "Fall Views" post tomorrow where I will dump more images and tell you why I did the route I did.  

Hoping you all got some fun rides in wherever you are and that you are all staying safe. I will also add that I really appreciate all of you that stop by to read the posts I put up. It means a lot to me that you do, and I am continually motivated to do my best work everyday for each of you. Thank You! 

See y'all tomorrow!


graveldoc said...

Thank you sir for your daily posts. They are almost always a good part of my daily routine right after I eat breakfast and am drinking coffee and watching the sun rise. I recognize and appreciate it must take quite some effort to provide the content which you do. Just ask my wife because I sometimes to refer to your blog posts. Happy ad safe labor day to you and yours.

Bob said...

In John Deere's Sept/Oct 2020 publication, "The Furrow", is a nice article on gravel road biking. I couldn't agree more with the quote by Mark Stevenson (Guitar Ted), "I ride gravel because I want to see more of the area where I live. You see some cool things that you would otherwise miss."

Long live gravel roads and riding. Long live GT for opening our minds and eyes to the natural beauty around us.

Guitar Ted said...

@graveldoc - Thank you!

@Bob - Cool! I had forgotten all about them asking me for a quote. Thanks for letting me know that it got published. Thank you!