Saturday, September 12, 2020

Reliving The Daze


 Recon in late October of 2013 of the T.I.v10 course
This past week was one for the ducks. Rain, rain, rain. This made for little riding and a lot of other stuff to be looked over. One of those things was researching the archives for the next bit of "Trans Iowa Stories". That series which appears every Sunday, (for now), and has been covering the time I ran Trans Iowa in a more or less chronological manner.

I am up to the time of Trans Iowa v10 now so to refresh my memories I went down the rabbit hole and looked at several blog posts here on the site referencing Trans Iowa v10. Reading through the old posts, reading old comments, and, of course, seeing the old images really brought back the flood of memories. This was slow going, as I soaked in the times past. It doesn't help that I am a slow reader as well.

So, this time of rain played into the allowance for this time to reflect. It wasn't a wistful reflection either. No, I am appreciative of the experiences I had, but I am also reminded several times of the stress, the worries, and the many near-misses that those times were responsible for. Also, and of course, with the times such as they are, I am also very glad I took those chances and spent that energy when I did, because I couldn't possibly risk any of it now for a Trans Iowa. 

Which is bringing me to the realization that this may mark a time where things of the likes of Trans Iowa may never be possible to recreate again in the future. I really think that with what we are going through now that the future will require, nay- demand- that things be done differently. Done in such a way that something of the nature of Trans Iowa would never be possible. Not the way we did it. 

Look for the recap of things surrounding Trans Iowa v10 to start up in mid-October. I suspect that sometime in 2021 I will conclude this series. At that point I am going to compile all the entries into one ginormous file, edit that down, and make it so it reads well. Then, if I have the energy and the time, I will make that all into an e-book, or maybe a hard copy book. That was kind of the point all along anyway, to make the long tale into a book of some sort. 

We'll see how it goes.......


teamdarb said...

Put me down for the hardcopy. Two, please.

Rydn9ers said...

I think a paper book would be great, I've tried and failed several times to read an e-book... too many distractions on those devices.