Thursday, September 03, 2020

Fall Views: Harvest Begins

Wednesday was another back-to-back wheel testing day for me. I had the Atomik/Berd Ultimate wheels versus the FLO Cycling G700 wheels. I had a perfect day to test on as well. Couldn't have asked for better. Not a cloud in the sky and the winds were there, but nothing I couldn't handle. 10mph out of the West and upper 70's? How can you complain about that, I don't know. 

I launched from Prairie Grove Park and I used the same loop I set up from the last wheel test I did. When I got started I was in for a shock as some of the seed corn fields have already been harvested. One was being fertilized while another was seen to be getting disced up. I was a little bit surprised by this since it is kind of early for harvesting, but everything is drying down quickly and the way these hybrids are engineered now, I suppose anything is possible. Hey! I'm not a farmer, I just make observations here folks! 

Another observation: When they say "10mph winds", why does it always feel like it is more like a 20mph wind when you are riding? I remember once we had one of those portable weather stations on loan and used it for Trans Iowa recon once. I was amazed how the read out was saying "this is but a breeze" when in my mind I'm thinking it is pretty bad out! Maybe it is a cyclist thing, or maybe I'm crazy. Probably the latter. 

A big farm tractor pulling a big disc/field conditioner.  
More yellow corn in the fields here to the right. Brown Season is coming soon!

We've had some recent rain so the dust was tame compared to this past weekend. I gotta say, I don't mind that a bit! My Noble GX5 bike is in dire need of another cleaning from the rides I've done recently. So the gravel was perfect, really. Not too chunky or too dusty. Some bits were smooth and fast. 

It isn't just the corn that is drying down quickly. These soybeans are halfway dried up as well.

This fresh cut hay smelled wonderful- if you are into that sort of thing!

The wheel testing was a success and I learned a few things that surprised me. That will all come out later. Overall it was a great day out and just enough pedaling to keep me on track physically but not over doing it by any means. That's important as I want to get to be able to do those century rides I have planned. 


Okie Outdoorsman said...

Really enjoy the photos of the agricultural activities in your neck of the woods! Those huge fields in Iowa are different than what we have here in Oklahoma, and I love to see what is going-on with farming there. The bike commentary is great, too, LOL! Great photos!

Guitar Ted said...

@Okie Outdoorsman - Thank You! I've become aware over the past year or two that several of my readers are like you- They like to see what is going on with the agricultural aspect of this area. I have been trying to accommodate!

DT said...

Oh yeah, planting season, harvest season, it's all Big Tractor Season in Iowa!

Blain said...

I look forward to your comments on the wheels. I’m curious how noticeable aero wheel benefits are with fat tires are.