Sunday, January 24, 2021

Trans Iowa Stories: A Prank Entry And Registration Madness: Part 3

 "Trans Iowa Stories" is an every Sunday post which helps tell the stories behind the event. You can check out other posts about this subject by going back to earlier Sunday posts on this blog. Thanks and enjoy!

This entry in the series will feature some of the unusual gifts I was given via the registration process. Some items were meant as "sponsorship" for the ride, but were really a gift to me/Trans Iowa from individuals who wanted to give back somehow. I have also included those but actual sponsorship efforts will be covered separately. There were gifts from volunteers as well, and those will also be covered separately. Otherwise there will be commentary as necessary. The next post after this in the series will show off some of the treasured post cards I have kept over the years, so stay tuned for that next. 

Before things got complicated: An 'edible' post card for T.I.v5 (Info redacted to protect the innocent)

T.I.v9 and 10 riders, Pete Jaros and Bill Pontious gifted me this jersey after v10. This is especially poignant since Bill died shortly after I received this.

Don Daly, a Trans Iowa rider for several years, gifted the banner here for T.I.v11

Flowers were a popular item which I would receive during registrations.

Trans Iowa stickers from Kevin Wilson which were gifted for T.I.v6, but were used until the last T.I.

Probably the second T.I. inspired t-shirt was this design for T.I.v5 from rider Rusty Kay. It is from the header designed by Jeff Kerkove for the T.I. site that year.

Cigars and a cigar cutter gifted via registration by Lance Andre. I never did smoke these because I kept saving them 'for a special occasion'!

Kind of a weird one here, but these were tasty!

An example of a "flower registration" from v6

Another odd one: Petrified shark's teeth from v6's registration.

Don Daly strikes again. This was the gift he sent for T.I.12 along with hats for the volunteers.

Not pictured: A case of Northland oil from Warren Wiebe for a T.I.v6 entry, which really threw me for a loop since I thought it was for the shop owner! I received several fifths of whiskey and craft beer selections during registration over the years. I also received several small and not-so-small gifts of money to help with the gas and time put into the event.Some were outright sponsors, some were volunteers, and that will get covered later. However; some were anonymous or wanted to remain so, and I will continue to respect their wishes in the matter. Just know that there were several folks who gave cash and gift cards to help out with the event over the years. I appreciate all of you! Then there were various other gifts which slip my mind right now......

Oh! A couple more I found here.....

With the crazy T.I.v11 registration we got the most flowers and plants ever.

A gas gift card and two Red Bull energy drinks which came with a T.I.v6 registration
A gift from Jeremy Fry back when he rode in Trans Iowa. This was for v6.

Okay, well, you get the idea! Trans Iowa folks were generous and never failed to humble me with their gift ideas over the years. I was supremely privileged to have been on the receiving end of all of this attention and gift giving. It's something I'll never forget. I mean, how could I? 

Next: Some post cards I have kept over the years....

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