Monday, January 18, 2021

Signed Up

Spent Friday morning shoveling this super fluffy snow.
I was rather proud of myself on Saturday. I actually remembered not only to awaken before 8:00am but I remembered to register for Gravel Worlds in August coming up. Let's see now.......this will be my eighth time, assuming we can go. THAT is a rather big assumption at this point. But I will hold off on that opinion a minute here......

Of course, my eighth Gravel Worlds would have been last year, but you all know what happened to that. I'm pretty sure, besides events I put on, I haven't been to another event eight times. So, let that sink in. That's what I think about Gravel Worlds. 

I suppose you could add in the last Good Life Gravel Adventure, the event which Gravel Worlds grew out of. I went to that the year before Gravel Worlds started. The GLGA was pretty much exactly like Gravel Worlds, only with a lot less people. While it may not be an 'officially recognized' attendance of Gravel Worlds, I'm counting it in there. So, this would be my ninth trip to Lincoln for this event. 

Now for my opinion on this and the pandemic..... I am not signing up for anything else at this point. I'm just going to start out this season like last year- by doing a lot of solo rides out in the country. As far as I am concerned, 2021 is '2020 Part 2' until further evidence that things are going to be more like 2019 crop up. THAT has not happened yet, nor will it happen soon. 

So, no use signing up for anything else, even if "other stuff" does happen. I'm going to wait for the hard evidence. Others may try to pretend things are getting better based on.......whatever. Not me. That all just means that the plan will be to do regularly scheduled long rides. Hopefully there will be a few century rides in there. That would help tremendously. Changes I made to diet and exercise last year resulted in some positive gains. I plan on ramping that up more for the remainder of 2021. Signing up for Gravel Worlds is a motivation, for sure, but I'd do this regardless.  

And so, if Gravel Worlds is forced to be a virtual event again for 2021, I will be ready for that too. My registration will be a donated fee, just like last year's was, and if we can go, well all the better. I'm in for either way it goes, as long as we can all be safe and healthy. 

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MG said...

Thanks for supporting Gravel Worlds, Brother!! I’m looking forward to seeing you in August (fingers are crossed)!