Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Purple Bagged

From Down Under, with love. Bike Bag Dude bags for......stay tuned.
Some while back I posted an image, (it may have been last Fall), of my Ti Mukluk as I was going over to Cedar Falls West side to get my truck which was getting a new windshield put into it. I happened to post said image on Facebook where the Bike Bag Dude saw it.

Now me and the BBD go way back. He got a hold of me back when he was getting his feet wet in the North American market. I actually was asked for some advice and, well.......I gave it to him. As a "thank you", he made a set of bags for me. These were the ones on the Ti Muk he saw in the image.

Well, apparently after years of abuse, the tattered, stained old BBD bags, were offensive to Mr. BBD, and he suggested I throw out the old, filthy ones and that he'd make me a new set. I decided on purple, because......well, purple. I mean, c'mon! So, he got them done lickety-split and sent them over the water. Now this is where things get a little odd.

See, last Summer, the good, ol' USPS just ups and quits delivering the mail. No notices, nothin'. This went on for over a week until I got a hold of someone at the Waterloo office and was told that "due to a dog issue", our mail delivery had been suspended. (We have never owned a dog) In fact, I found out that our entire side of the block, across the street, down both sides of the next block, and both sides of the intersecting street to the South had their mail delivery suspended. WTH!! Over a dog issue? So, I had to go out to the distribution center, where the man there that handed over two weeks worth of mail ranted at me about how it was too dangerous for the carriers to be on foot in our neighborhood and what all. I was dumbfounded. I've lived in my house for almost 30 years and have never been close to getting bitten by any dog. Whatever......

Anyway, we got mailboxes set up curbside, and the whole mess has been back and forth since last Summer. This resulted in the situation where the USPS had the package from BBD and never sent me a notice to pick it up. Then the USPS claimed it was "undeliverable" and sent it back to Australia!

Well, I didn't know what was up, and I tried to be patient. Then the BBD asked me what was up. Why did the package show up back at his headquarters? Well, I quickly explained about the silly USPS stuff and suggested that, if he was willing, we should aim to have the package sent to where I work instead. Well, that was a winner, and here is the stuff.

Now the bike this is going on?

Stay tuned. It isn't what you might think.

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