Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday News And Views

I am taking a break from the Drop Bars For Mountain Bikes series here until Monday. Look for a continuation of the Karate Monkey drop bar installation then.

Let's Get This Out Of The Way Up Front!: I was interviewed by Rich Kelly of the Interbike Times blog while I attended the Interbike Outdoor Demo. You can check out the frightening results here. (Does anybody like the way they look on camera? And your own voice......we won't even go there!) Oh yeah....and there is a link to another video/interview with Rich from Sea Otter too. Loverly! Just great..............

Okay, now that I have that outta the way..........

Trans Iowa Update: I posted a bit of an update on the T.I.V5 site recently. Nothing earth shattering, just that mainly we are getting set to do the big recon drive on the 25th-26th of this month, weather permitting. The next big date to get concerned about will come in late November when registration will open. Obviously there will be an announcement previous to that. Plus, we may have some pics to frighten and discourage you from the recon if all goes well. (Kidding, only kidding!)

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo? Yep! It is on the move and probably will happen again. This time it will make an appearance in a different local "by request". Plans are being laid and this will be a totally different deal than before. It will be more low key, no big deal, laid back, and fun. I expect that it will be much more like the original idea that the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo was inspired by, Bike 29's "Meat-Up" Cookin' and ridin' being the main attractions for this gig. Where and when? I will only say this: In a more unlikely but possibly even cooler place than before and at the "other end of summer". Stay Tuned!

Wear Orange- It's That Time Of Year Again: Deer hunting season is in full swing once again and wearing orange on your woodsie rides is no joke! Also for the locals: The Camp's South Side trails are now closed until January 10th due to bow hunting season being in session. The Camp's North Unit trails are open on weekends. There will be a few expertly skilled bow hunters in that area too, but they dig the fact that we ride through and basically "run" the deer for them, most often right by their stands. I was out there one Saturday last year when three were taken and I would not have even known it but for the Camp Ranger telling me so and then running into a small pool of blood on one of the trails on my way out that day. Think what you may about killing deer, I will only say that there are waaay too many deer per square mile in Iowa and that isn't a good thing for deer.

Okay, it may be nippy out here, but the riding in fall is primo now and it won't last. Get some while you can folks!

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