Sunday, October 05, 2008

Camp Igawanis Trail Work Day

<===Inlet of the smallish culvert pipe that the Scout Camp got to work with. It ain't much, but it's something!

I went to work at the Scout Camp Saturday and put in some "sweat equity" on the trails I've been using all summer. The project this fine day was to move around some rock and rip-rap to help shore up a new pipe they got to use as part of a crossing on Quarter Section Run.

The spring flooding made the creek a lot wider and imported a whole bunch of sand in. Much of the sand we are using to our advantage for now. We decided to make two runs for the water to go around. One through a pipe shown here, and the other through a makeshift "bridge" of sorts, made from slabs of old concrete paving.

<===Looking downstream. The Cedar River isn't far away from here.

The Camp Ranger, Tim Cook was in charge and was using a nifty John Deere tractor with a bucket or at times a fork attachment which he deftly moved rocks and slabs of concrete with.

The work was also helped along by Jeremy Bidwell's fine jack hammer skills. I tell you what, I wouldn't ever want to run one of those things! Nice job Jeremy. Thanks for doing that job.

<=== Tim Cook doing an expert job on the tractor.

The day almost took an ominous turn when Tim just about tipped the tractor over in the steam. He very alertly put down the bucket which saved him. That's why he was running the tractor, and not me!

I couldn't stay past noon, so I don't know how long they worked or how much got finished, but this will be a nice addition to the Camp. We'll be able to ride right over to the South side from here instead of going around on the gravel roads. It will increase the size of the loop I can do and also will provide the Camp with better race course options in the future.

One important note: The South Side is closed to hikers and bikers until next year now due to bow hunting season. So don't go over there okay? The north side is still open and will stay that way all Fall and into winter as long as we can ride. Bow hunting is happening over on that side as well, but there are only about five guys allowed in and all of these guys are certified, know about and welcome our presence there. We tend to make the deer get up and run, which tends to run them right by their deer stands. last year it worked out really well. Just don't be surprised to see blood on the trail and wear something bright.

I'm looking forward to some fall riding and hopefully fall lasts a good long time this year.

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