Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday News And Views

<===Easton XC-1 Single Speed racing wheels.

The fall is a busy time at Twenty Nine Inches with things to test and newsy bits flowing yet. Here we have some killer Easton wheels that will be tested for the site. Look for a post to show up later at Twenty Nine Inches. These hoops are definitely race oriented. They have narrow rims, lighter gauge spokes, and only 24 of them in each wheel with a 2 cross pattern. We'll see if they are stiff enough for a race day situation!

<=== Specialized tires in the "wagon wheel" size! (photo courtesy of Grannygear)

Twenty Nine Inches also has a new contributor in California. "Grannygear" has just received some Specialized treads and is going to rage them on some SoCal trail here this weekend. Look for an initial report on Twenty Nine Inches today with a followup to come soon. Some of these Specialized treads will also make their way to the Mid-West for evaluation, so stay tuned for that report as well.

Fixie Nation: Well, unless you have been hiding under a pillow, and if you are a cyclist, you have to be aware that there s a fixed gear phenomenon going on all over the nation. Bicycle Retailer and Industry News posted a story today on a new site dedicated to the phenom called "Guys Who Cut Their Own Hair" . They obviously have been up late at night downloading all sorts of content including videos of riding that includes some crazy trick stuff.

Is it me, or does a lot of this stuff not smack of grown ups doing their BMX thing on grown up bikes? Even the graphics and culture seem "borrowed" from that scene. Hmm.....whatever. And ya know, I just did a profile on a local cycling veteran that is up at sixfiftyB His fixie antics pre-date all these yahoos by at least 15 to 20 years. I also happen to know that a fixed gear group existed in Cedar Falls/Waterloo then that used to congregate on top of the Union, doing tricks, riding, and just generally hanging out. Just goes to show ya, it ain't new, it's all about marketing and promotion.

Yeah.....the site I mention above was started by Swobo. So there ya go........

Trans Iowa News: Wow! What a week for Trans Iowa! The event got a huge shot in the arm from a few sources. First up we have Vassago Cycles who stepped up to provide a super cool Fisticuff frame and fork as prizing. Then we have AdventureCorps who in conjunction with the Rough Riders are sending out water bottles and some cool little key chains/lanyards to be given to all of the race entrants. The AdventureCorps and Rough Riders share some similar ideals to Trans Iowa and our own "gravel grindin'" culture here in Iowa and the Mid-West in general. I am super stoked to have these new sponsors and I know d.p. is as well.

Look for a course recon to be happening this weekend. I'll be going out with d.p. and scouting our choices. Pictures and a report to follow, of course. Oh! And don't let me forget the traditional Trans Iowa recon diet of Red Bull and processed beef products! Gotta have fuel, baby!

Busy, busy..... So yeah! It is crazy around here at Guitar Ted Laboratories of late. I haven't even mentioned my Edge Composites wheel build that will be getting started sometime this weekend, my new rain jacket, and my up coming trip with Captain Bob to Minneapolis to ride some Salsa Fargos. Stay tuned for more late fall madness........

And ride your bikes, fools! Even if you are doing the fixie thing, riding a recumbent, or whatever. Just don't stop riding!

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