Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trans Iowa Business and More...

Just a quick note or two this morning...

Bikepacking: There is this guy in Arizona that is a huge back country cycling nutcase and happens to know more about computers and software than maybe is good for a soul, but anyway..... His name is Scott Morris and he's been known to track the GDR once in a while with Topofusion mapping and what not, so you may have run across this before. Anyway, he started this site about all of us adventure freaks called You have access to routes and there even is a forum there with information being traded about set ups, hardware, software, and the like. There is even a special page about Trans Iowa there to check out. If you have any GPS data from a past Trans Iowa, Scott wants to hear from you, by the way, so go to the link, 'splore around a bit, and let him know you've got something of interest for him.

Trans Iowa Recon: I will be doing a bit more recon today. Just some fine tuning really, and meeting with some folks in Williamsburg. It's not all business though, as I get to ride my bicycle too! I'll be taking the Edge Composites XC rimmed wheel set on its maiden voyage today. So that ought to be some fun. I'll have some photos to share, hopefully, tomorrow.

The Drop Bar Thing: I haven't forgotten about the drop bar pieces and I will try to get that all tied up yet this week in a final post. Stay tuned!

The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo Thing: This is something else I want to get going on. The date should be set any day now. Stay tuned for that big announcement.

Okay, I think this should have been entitled "Loose Ends Wednesday" or something! My mom used to serve left-overs on Wednesday.......Hmmmm............ I wonder if I am falling into that tradition!

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