Monday, October 27, 2008

Trans Iowa V5 Recon In Pics!: Part II

<====At first glance, this may appear to be the same hill I put up in the last post. It isn't. There are a lot of hills like this though. Sorry about the ghost image of my map on d.p.'s windshield!

<=== Great scenery abounds. d.p. almost went off the road in a couple spots where the view was too good to miss!

<=== I said that there were "mind numbing flats" on T.I.V5. I meant it! It ain't all hills out there.

<=== The B Maintenance factor will play heavily into how T.I.V5 plays out. No one will escape! This section is in the first 40 miles. If things get too wet and crazy, we have alternate routes for almost all of these.

<=== Some folks didn't get to experience the cemetery hill top finish at T.I.V3, so we thought, "Let's start at a cemetery." Brilliant! Now you all will get to experience it. (Well, all that get in and then show up, that is.)

Okay, here are some more images from the T.I.V5 course for you to ponder. I've got a few more, but I think I will not post them. Not now.

d.p. and I are pretty pumped up about the event though. I will have some more news later on mileages, some sponsorship news, and other tidbits. Stay tuned!

Plus......a registration announcement will be made by the end of this week!

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