Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Woke Up Late....

So today I woke up late......

I usually am up pretty early, like really early, to do my morning ritual. However; last night was a late one due to a meeting. So, today you are getting a late post.

Today I would normally be testing product for Twenty Nine Inches too.'s going to rain for the third Wednesday in a row! Well, I can't complain. I'll still find plenty to do with Crooked Cog stuff, and ya know, I had a run of awesome weather on Wednesdays for the whole summer. I am bound to get a few stinkers in there at some point for weather on a Wednesday. So it goes.....

Here's what I do have for you, some news about The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. As I posted a few days back, it is going to happen. Here is what I can say now that is definite. First of all, the event is moving, as I said, and it will be in an unlikely but really cool place. That place is in Nebraska and is called Potter's Pasture. Hit the link and check out the latest post on the Potter's Pasture MTB blog to get a glimpse of what to expect. Then check out the other posts so far to get a glimpse of what the trails are all about there. Potter's is out in Western Nebraska and is only a short jaunt off I-80. Easy to get to.

You might say, "Western Nebraska? But who will show up?" Well, that is a great question. Here's the buzz so far on Potter's. Lincoln/Omaha folks are pretty aware of this place and many of the 29"er freaks from there have been to Potter's. They promise me that a fair contingent of that areas 29"er freaks will make the trip over. Plus, Potter's is only 5-6 hours from the Front Range area of the Rockies. I hear that a fair number of Front Range 29"er freaks will also make the trip.

I think it's a great idea, the place is awesome from a riding standpoint, tons of trails in a very unusual setting. The people will show, we have almost a whole year to get the word out. Finally, it will be a perfect joint for laid back camping, hanging out, and just having a simple good time.

And speaking about the timing of the event, it will come at the time when a lot of riders will be looking for a good time. That being the end of the season. We are working out a specific date, but it looks like the second weekend in October 2009 for now. More details will be coming, but for now, that is what we have to put out there now.

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