Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bike Shop Horrors! "Holey" Bike

I had a three tube carbon Trek come in for a flat repair and clean up the other day. I noticed some nasty gouges on the non-driveside chain stay. Upon closer inspection, I found it was actually worn through!

This was beyond where the crank arm could have contacted it. Maybe a case of bad heel rub? Who knows, but this frame looks like it came in contact with a grinder to me!

Here is a shot of most of the chain stay to the drop out. It looks like a metallic dog chewed on it some.

Sorry for the out of focus shot, but you can see other things in this image.

Can anybody find "Otto" and its owner? 


bicycletorch said...

I hope you at least prescribed a band aid for that.

Michael Day said...

maybe it rode on someone's trunk-mounted bike rack for a REAL long time? Just bouncing and rubbing for months?