Monday, August 02, 2010

Bonus Monday Post: Salsa Cycles Mukluk

<===Salsa Cycles Mukluk: image from Angry Catfish Bicycles and Coffee Bar Facebook page.

Possibly the "coolest" bicycle introduction all year, Salsa Cycles has released information on their new snow bike, the Mukluk.

There are a ton of super details on this bike, but suffice it to say for now that Salsa Cycles has done their homework on this rig. It will be a turnkey snow bike set up for anyone and it will also be pretty affordable, with suggested retail at $1500.00 for a complete. 

What's even cooler is that if you build up another wheelset with 29"er rims to fit this bike, you can go with one bike all year long. So, it is versatile in that sense as well.

I happen to have always wanted a snow bike and with the introduction of the Mukluk, I may end up with one in my stable sooner than later. For more on the Mukluk, see Salsa Cycles site.

Note: I am not being bribed or paid for this post. I am just plain ol' excited about this bike is all.


Matt Maxwell said...

$1500 for a complete bike?!. Tires alone are $200! I figured that this bike would be the gram counter's alternative to the Pug, but affordable is even better.

Still, I'm a Surly man myself.

mw said...

amazing price point

Guitar Ted said...

@Max Maxwell: Huh.....I always thought of you as a nice guy! ;)

But yeah....amazingly affordable for a fatbike. These will sell like hotcakes for Salsa!

@mw: Whatta ya think of a Mukluk with drop bars? That's definitely a possibility here, I'm thinkin.

Michael Meiser said...

Two words.

I want.


Wally Kilburg said...

I don't get it. The Pugs never sold like me its just a waste.

Guitar Ted said...

@Wally Kilburg: The Pugs started the scene for most folks. Heck, I know I never had even thought about such a bike until I saw Dave Gray's proto chained up in front of QBP about five years ago.

So yeah, Surly didn't sell Pugs like hotcakes, until recently. Now they sell through rather well, and they are pretty much the only game in town for folks in the lower 48.

Now Salsa has upped the ante with a bike that will be slightly lighter, and more importantly, has all the latest snow bike specific updates to components and geometry that the staid Pugs does not enjoy.

Finally, it isn't for everybody, and to be honest, it has its limitations as a mountain bike, but what it does do well no other type of bike can do well.

Henry said...

Unbelievable price point. It cost me $1200 building up a 2 speed kickback cruiser Pugsley. Half my components were used from Ebay. I like some of the features but I only think it has the Pugs beat on weight.

Michael Meiser said...

Re: drop bars

That's what I was thinking.

How do you think the mukluk would fair as a Fargo alternative with 29r's and a drop bar?