Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So......Now What?

With Gravel Worlds gone in the rear view mirror, I am now left with some catching up to do. First order of business has already been getting taken care of, and that is writing a bunch of reviews and stuff for "the sites".

The next order of business is to start thrashing on this grey Origin 8 frame off road. That will likely take place today. I've heard that the South Side of The Camp is good to go now, so I may be found up there plunking around if you are looking for me. (Not that anyone will be......just sayin'!)

The next order of business is to re-think my geared gravel grinder-lite set up. I have an idea that uses stuff I already have, so it should happen soon. My regular rig for this- the Fargo- remains a main stay, but I have a hankering to do a more minimalistic, lighter set up. And this will only be temporary. I have heard of a new version of "something" that I think may work even better yet. That's yet to come, and may not happen, depending upon certain preferences I have. Sorry to be so "cagey" about it all, but I am not at liberty to 'splain it  now.

Now I have a hankering to do more gravel riding. I miss it. Plus, it gets me in shape better than anything else I like to do. Being a dang "desk jockey" most nights isn't conducive to a "fine figure", so I will be working out a better plan for myself in those regards. Thanks to Gravel Worlds for making that blatantly clear!

 Oh well. My legs are still "barking" at me every time I ride, so I suppose I shouldn't get too crazy with that idea just yet! A little recovery, then we'll get on it.


d.p. said...

Night time is the right time!

Ari said...

Gumby and I have our routine Wednesday night ride that starts at 9 pm and ends around midnight. We look foward to it all week.

Rantwick said...

Cagey indeed. I shall stay tuned; I am now curious about the things that must not be named...