Sunday, July 03, 2011

Blue Monday Route

Well, Sunday will be a "Blue Monday" route on the gravel around Northfield Minnesota. Should be a good little group of guys riding along.

Saturday I got to ride around Northfield and actually did a mini road loop out into the countryside. (Yes- road riding. It's all good folks.) I also got to poke around the town, see some sights, and got to ride with Mrs. Guitar Ted which is a rare deal. We even got lost! It was a lot of fun.

Later we had supper with our friends and then rode around with Ben some more in the waning rays of sunlight over the hills of Northfield's streets.

It's been a great trip so far. We're staying in a hotel that was built in the 1800's, and right downtown. Pretty cool stuff. More later.

Hope ya'all are having a great weekend.


Travel Gravel said...

Archer House by chance? Stayed there last year and will be there next weekend. Go to The Tavern Restaurant in the lower level!!! It's an all-scratch made kitchen and delish! Also, ride up to the campus of Hogwarts, I mean St. Olaf's. Too cool. Later!

Guitar Ted said...

@Travel Gravel. Yes- Archer House. It is awesome.

Didn't get all the way up to St. Olaf's but Ben gave me the "tour" around town at night.