Saturday, July 02, 2011

Charging The Lights

"Orange Crush" will be comin' along as well.
Well, this weekend is the big trip to Minnesota, and no- we hadn't planned on camping!

What I have planned is to just be of help, and hang out with my friends Meg and Ben as Ben will be busy putting things together for the criterium on Monday the 4th of July.

I'll maybe get in a post or two, but likely I'll be busy and hopefully, somewhere I'll get the chance to get out with Ben, and do some night time gravel. Should be interesting, at any rate. Ben always has something cooking up there, and lots of cycling related goodness to share.

After I get back, it's full on business. I have a lot to do with testing, and doing some logistical work for the GTDRI, which will be coming up real soon.

Have a great weekend, ya'all!

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