Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steamed And Fried

Mistake Made Into Art- (Well, Sort Of!)
Gee, how many times have you heard "Hot e'nuff for ya?" lately? I can't count the times. Just in case you forgot, this was the weather you begged for in the depths of winter when you were covered in snow, shoveling the drive, freezing your bits off.

Remember that?

Yeah, a "real summer" has struck the Mid-West and you'd think folks had just moved here from north of the Arctic Circle. Weird.

Don't get me wrong. It is really hot out there. With the humidity high and the air temperatures in the 90's and touching triple digits in places, you'd better believe it is dangerous to just nonchalantly go about your normal business with no regard to the weather now. But the same goes for winter time as well. No news here.

I work in an air conditioned shop, and with recent developments being what they are, we actually get to use the air conditioning now. So, when I left work after my shift yesterday, I hadn't considered a couple of things about that fact. I went for a ride to Hartman Reserve to try out the Gates Carbon Drive and Maxxis Ikon tires I am checking into. I did a little fast riding, and then stopped to cool down, and snap off a few images with my Panasonic LX-3.

I pop of the lens cover, fire up the thing, and as I do a lot, just pointed the thing at my subject and fired off a shot. You know, I can always just delete it, and you never know if it'll be good or not. I think that is fun. Just like lining up a shot, selecting your parameters, and composing a good shot is fun, only in a different way. I do that too, but I like surprises with photography, so just randomly firing off shots, yeah. I do that. So sue me. I never said I was a photographer, right? Some "serious" photogs are probably shaking their heads in disgust right about now. Frankly, that is their problem. I'm having fun.

Well, I look at the image I get and think, "What the....!!" I turn the camera around and see the condensation. Ha! Oh well. I worked with the image anyway and got what I posted here today. It is just a weird looking image, but I think it portrays the soupy air feeling I had out there today rather well. Your mileage may vary.

So, what's the point? It is hot. Yup! Thank you very much, Mr. Obvious. Now, take what you got, be thankful it isn't worse, and have some fun with it already. Before long you all will be freezing, shivering messes with the Fall weather that is coming right around the corner. Get out and ride. Be careful. Get rad!


Anonymous said...

As long as the sun rises and sets, people will always have a complaint about the weather. I think it could be added as a constant in a our dynamic universe.

Great Pic.

Scott said...

I hope I wasn't rude with my 29er comment. Because, I think I can relate. You are right on with your photography. It's documentation. What your seeing at that time and why it's important. Critical, I think. I'm ambivalent about this photoshop enhancing stuff. I'm interested in what your seeing. Your shot was excellent.....I've been
n an athlete all my life. I love outdoor sports, I am concerned a little about elitism and exclusivity. Just because I haven't been to Salida, understand rolling resistance or gear ratios...I don't love it less ...this industry...the outdoor industry...the environment, needs me..and the tens of thousands of men and women like me....keep ta
king pictures...I'll try not to be rude...I love your blog...peace,Scott

Guitar Ted said...

@Herringbone: Hello! Were you referring to your comment in the previous post? You know, (if that was what you are pointing to), I didn't think twice about it. Actually, I thought it was an innocent and fun casual comment. No worries!

As for the rest of the comment here: Thanks for the kind words. I agree, conscientious guardians of what we have been entrusted with out of doors are important people to have around.

By the way, I'll say it again: I never thought anything negative from reading your comments.