Monday, December 10, 2012

In Search Of: Snow!

Oooo! Look! There's some!
While points East and North of here were basking in the glow of their first snow, riding their fat bikes with abandon into the whiteness, I was left with this, (se image to the left), and it wasn't much.

Oh sure- It was all white in the morning, but with temperatures hovering in the mid 30's all afternoon, the snow was doomed. It was misty and snowed off and on all afternoon, but the end result was that it got slippery, muddy, and soggy, and very little white stuff was to be found out there today.

That didn't mean that I didn't get out in the Green Belt and do some riding. I did, and it was the typical good time. Slow and steady, that was the order of the day. I was gone maybe a couple of hours, but it was good.

With the deer season going on, it seems that the deer are finding safe ground inside of the City limits. I saw more deer today in the Green Belt than I've seen in a long time. Other than that, I saw a man and his dog walking, but that was it. The trails were deserted for the most part. No wonder too, it was not the greatest outside today.

The little lake by Martin Road is getting pretty sad looking. The swath of beach around it is increasing in size, despite the recent rains and now- snow. I can easily circumnavigate the little lake now.

While that was fun, I would rather that the lake be full and that we would not be in such dire straits in terms of water levels around here.

The only other thing of note was that my Magura brake was grinding, chinging, and making all sorts of racket yesterday. I'll have to see if I can align the caliper better. The front brake is the culprit. The rear is dead quiet. Recently I tracked down a howl with the front brake. A loose pad retainer screw was the cause.

So, no snow for me! But it is all good. At least I can still ride, and the trails were in good shape out there. I'll be glad when it does snow enough to warrant a fat bike, but I do not need snow to justify riding my fat bike anytime.

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Chad said...

Should come down near Madison, WI we got about 4" on the rail trail. Rumor is the local state park single track may be open this year as well. Now I just need my 20+ year old Fuji to take fat tires.