Sunday, December 09, 2012

Triple D Winter Race: Training Log 3

After last weekends re-biff of the left knee, I decided I would take things day by day and not push myself too hard. It all started back almost three weeks ago when I slipped on a steep climb on a mountain bike and fell to the left. I smacked my tibial plateau on a rock so hard I thought I would pass out from the pain for a moment. That impact must have also damaged some soft tissue in behind my left knee,since ever since the accident my left knee has been suffering from inflamation.

Then last week's biff on the same leg, same exact spot, while riding my Snow Dog for Global Fat Bike Day, reignited the swelling, and I then just decided to take it easy. The week was filled with commuting by bicycle, but for a ride off road Wednesday. Things have been okay, but the knee isn't right. I am still suffering from inflammation and the knee is weaker than the right side.

Saturday's ride consisted of a good lap around the Camp's trails. I rode a bike with a 1 X 10 drive train, not unlike By-Tor before I made that rig into a single speed. The trails were tacky to almost muddy, but way better than last weekend's and last Wednesday's sloppy conditions which were treacherous. One lap, and one lap only, just to see how the knee was going to react.

Well, it was showing effects of the injury in weakness, but it never hurt, and afterward it didn't really swell up and get uncomfortable, like it had before after riding. So- Progress. Slow but steady progress back to getting the leg strong and ready for the steeps of Triple D.

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