Saturday, December 01, 2012

Trans Iowa V9: Post Registration Thoughts

More Recon Sunday
Post Registration Thoughts:

Well, we're all filled up on the roster and set to go on the final recon tomorrow for T.I.V9. I had a few items I wanted to hit on here concerning what just happened after the doors closed on the roster.

No Wait List: As I stated several times, there is no waiting list and no transfers for those that didn't get in on Trans Iowa this year. I've been asked by several folks if I got a post card from them, or whether there is or is not a waiting list. I answered a few of you regarding this, so you already know the status. For the rest of you this should clear any questions up.

If you wanted in, you'll have to wait until next year.

How It Is That We Don't Ever Start The Entire Number Entered: This is the next question I get concerning the roster number. Lots of folks don't seem to understand why Trans Iowa never gets 100 starters, and why next Spring there will not be 120 folks at the start line. (This next Spring we have a possibility of 120 folks. Years past its been 100.)

The reason is people drop out before the event starts. Injuries, social commitments, (weddings, funerals, etc), and other things cause folks to e-mail me and say they won't be coming in April. (This is something you should do ASAP if it happens to you so I do not waste resources getting ready for you to come when you are not.) These lost starters are not replaced. So, inevitably there will be drops, and therefore Trans Iowa will not start the entire roster registered. Simple.

  Comments On The Roster:  Looking at the field registered, I am struck by a few things..

  • Women's Open: This is the most women registered for any Trans Iowa ever. And you know what? Only two were ever in a T.I. before. This is really exciting for me. Getting the Women's field to grow has been a priority for me, (and Jeff and David as well when they were with me), since the beginning. I sure hope they all toe the line this coming April. On top of that, I'd love to record more Women's Open finishers. With this many registered, the odds of that happening go up, certainly. 
  • Men's Open: Super competitive field. The gravel racing/endurance talent represented on the roster is some of the very best in this genre'. I am humbled by this, and it makes me want to do the best job I can of putting on this event. Besides, if the weather is decent, there are going to be some real fireworks going on out there that I can not wait to witness first hand. You know- the Men's Open field alone is bigger than any starting field for any Trans Iowa. Hopefully we can break a record next spring for a total number of starters. That number currently stands at 76 (T.I.V7)
  • Single Speed/Fixed: Again, a big field, I believe the biggest ever registered as well. Interesting how many Rookies sign up for this......
  • Industry Cup- Volunteers Exemption: Again- more than any other Trans Iowa event. These folks don't count against the roster and are there because they support/supported Trans Iowa. this is my way of thanking them for their valuable contributions. Of particular note here is Adam Boone who has finished T.I. twice on a Campy equipped cross bike. I'm pretty sure nobody else has done that!
Okay, that's a wrap for this week. look for a special Trans Iowa recon report next week sometime. 

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