Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday News And Views

Rainy day project.
Winter Preparations: Yes.....I know, we just barely started Fall, but since time flies, I am thinking about Winter already. Actually, I am still digging out from under that last Summer fling in Vegas and all the information we gathered which I am trying to process and get out there for all to read.

Once that pile is gone through, it'll be nigh unto time to start doing something about these Winter related projects that have found their way to my doorstep. First up is getting my son's bicycle done. The head set is on order, then it should all go smoothly from there. A night, maybe two, spent in the Lab.....done! Well, at least that's the plan!

Then I have this issue with my fat bike, which is donating its wheels to the son's cause. I don't know at this point what I will do, but I want to build a set of hundies.  I guess that can wait, I mean, I still have the Snow Dog, and a set of tires and a drive train refresh would be all that's needed there. Nice to have two fat bikes to think about, eh?

Getting the boot......
Trans Iowa V10 Recon: Then I have Trans Iowa stuff to get going on. Yep! Right now I have a tentative route which I want to get reconned soon. Like this month soon. Who knows when the snows will come and shut me out of doing that?

Hopefully this will be a two day affair that will go as smoothly as last year's recon. That will all depend upon if the roads are all there and I don't have to do a bunch of on-the-fly re-routing while we're out there putting this all together.

In the meantime, I have a couple of rides I hope will happen before the weather makes it too difficult to get done. A nice Fall color ride. A ride with a good friend that has been talked about. My plans are for these things to go down as well, but you just never know this time of year. The weather will decide some things for me, I am sure of that. This squeezed in with the Trans Iowa should get real interesting!

I am wanting to get that recon done because in November the big registration thing will be going down with Trans Iowa and then it's on into Winter from there. This Fall is going by fast!

Choose one Sam!
3GR: Which brings me to 3GR. Unfortunately, I am going to be out of town this Saturday on handle bar business. read that correctly. 

It seems as though I have become the clearing house for used Luxy Bars or something. Anyway, I am on to Des Moines to let someone pick theirs out from two I have as spares now. So, bottom line is that I'll be in the capitol city for a short bit then on back home, but that won't be till later in the afternoon, or maybe evening , heck I don't know! If I get a ride in at all Saturday it will have to be in the evening when I can test out a light I've got to finish up on here soon.

So, yeah....don't even get me started on what needs to be done round the house before Winter sets in! That's a whole 'nuther list of things I need to get crackin' on. Have a great weekend and ride those bicycles, people!


One Eyed z said...

Since you are gonna be in DSM if you are looking to get rid of that other bar let me know. I'll be working until 430 at Bike World in Urbandale.

MG said...

I'm in Cedar Rapids tonight if you wanna stop and say hi on your way home!!

Safe travels,

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Bummer! I didn't see this until Saturday early evening. Hope all is well with ya!