Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trans Iowa V10: Registration & More

Okay, today I am going to disseminate some important information regarding Trans Iowa V10. I use the blog here for bigger,more detailed announcements due to space concerns with the T.I. site. So, sorry to those not interested, but for those who are into this, or just on!

First off, as in the past few years, Trans Iowa will welcome the Finishers of past Trans Iowas in first. This is kind of like when you go to the airport and they call up the special "gold alliance travelers", or the First Class section to get on board the plane first. Folks that have finished Trans Iowa have precedence over other riders in this event. I feel they have earned that special nod.

So, On November 1st until November 9th, all previous finishers of any previous Trans Iowa can e-mail me with their Class, (Open Men, Open Women, or Single Speed/Fixed), and a contact e-mail so I can reach you for things like the Pre-Race Meat-Up and anything else pertaining to the event. One more thing, and this is a big announcement as well, so check this out....

A sponsor has stepped forward who is going to provide the funds to allow Trans Iowa riders to have a 10th Anniversary commemorative T-shirt and a cycling cap. So, I will also need each rider's shirt size and hat size, (T-shirts: S,Med,L,XL Hats: "Sm-Med" or "Lg-XL")

Notes on the commemorative gear- These items will not be for sale. You can only get these if you get on the roster and show up to ride T.I.V10. If you can't make it, you bail out, etc.. no gear. No exceptions. Got it? Don't even ask me to bend this rule.

So, to recap: Finishers will e-mail to get into T.I.V10 starting on 11-1-13 and up to 11-9-13. After that, you'll have to try to get in the old fashioned way in the Vets Class, (more on that in a moment), so make sure you e-mail me before the 9th and NOT before the 1st. Also- include your Class you are entering in, a contact e-mail, and your shirt and hat size.

Veterans: You've ridden in a Trans Iowa, but never finished? You are a Veteran! You get your chance to get into Trans Iowa V10 starting November 11th, 2013. You must send a post card with the following information:
  1. Your Name. (Written legibly or I will toss the card!)
  2. Your e-mail contact info (Written legibly and with a correct address or I will toss your entry!)
  3. Class: (Open Men, Open Women, Single Speed/Fixed)
  4. Shirt Size, Hat Size (Same applies here as it does for Finishers)
  5. Answer this question correctly: What was the working name for the Dirty Kanza 200 before it was known as the Dirty Kanza 200? (Clue: Answer can be found in one of my September blog entries)
All must appear on the card, and all must be LEGIBLE! No kidding folks, I throw out entries every year simply because I can not read them. Don't be that person, or get a Palmer Method book now and get crackin'! ADDRESS CARD TO:

Europa Cycle & Ski
c/o Trans Iowa
4302 University Avenue
Cedar Falls. IA 50613

You can send a POST CARD by regular mail, UPS overnight letter, FedEx overnight letter, by person, by courier, or by delivery person. It must be a POST CARD or it will not be accepted. (I've gotten blocks of wood and other odd entries before which were tossed out) You may create your own post card, or buy one,I don't care, but it must be a POST CARD. You can send something along with your POST CARD. (I've gotten flowers, as an example, with a post card attached) You do not have to send anything else but a POST CARD with the REQUIRED INFO.

You Veterans have until November 16th to get that card to me! Then your registration closes.

Will you be here 4-26-14? (Image by GNAT)

Rookies: Never ridden a Trans Iowa, but you want to give this a shot? You can send in a POST CARD, (see guidelines for post cards above), to arrive no sooner than November 18th to the address above with the following info:
  1. NAME (Must be legible or entry will not be accepted)
  2. CONTACT E-MAIL (Must be legible and a working e-mail or the entry will be tossed)
  3. CLASS: (Open Men, Open Women, or Single Speed/Fixed)
  4. SHIRT SIZE, HAT SIZE (See the Finishers section above for guidelines on how the shirt/cap thing will work and for sizes) 
  5. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: What is Rule #11 on the Trans Iowa site? (Must write this legibly and completely)
Same mailing/delivery instructions apply to Rookies as they do to the Vets. (See above) Any entries that do not follow the guidelines are going to get tossed.

Rookies have until November 23rd to get the post cards in, or until the roster fills up. Whichever comes first. There are 120 spots which are available. The Finishers get first crack, then the Veterans. Whatever is left over is for the Rookies. I do not know how many that will be, but 50, 60? Maybe but we'll have to wait and see.

Questions? Hit me up in the comments section. Thanks!

T.I. Clinic host site
Finally: Trans Iowa Clinic News! If you get into T.I.V10, or even if you are just curious about "what it takes" to finish this beast, there will be one Trans Iowa Clinic that will be held in Des Moines Iowa on Saturday,  December 7th, @ 5:30pm at Tacopocalypse located at 621 Des Moines Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 in the Historic East Village. If you are interested, please RSVP @ and we can gauge interest and make plans for those who are coming.

What You Can Expect: Food will be available at a cost, drink will be available at a cost, and we are going to provide you with free expertise from two Trans Iowa finishers, one who has finished Tour Divide. You will see "300 Miles of Gravel" free, and you will get to ask questions, also for free. We will have a few rigs set up suitably for T.I. and we will cover clothing, nutrition, and training for the event. 

More on the Trans Iowa Clinic soon. Don't forget to RSVP! The event is free of charge to attend and is produced by Guitar Ted Productions in conjunction with Tacopocalypse.


Iowagriz said...

So your saying that I have to send in a Post Card? :)

Exhausted_Auk said...

Great to see that there will be a T-shirt, but won't T.I. V10 in 2014 be the 9th anniversary of T.I. V1, not the 10th? :-)

MG said...

I don't want to speak for G-T, but I'm sure he'd say you do, Tom.

It's a good tradition that is worthwhile to carry on.

Good luck,

Ari said...

Now that Trans Iowa registration has been announced all the Zombies will come out and ride in the worst possible conditions just for a coveted finish.
Thank you G.T. for giving us this opportunity.

Guitar Ted said...

@Exhausted_Auk: I count it as 10:
'05- 1
'06- 2
'07- 3
'08- 4
'09- 5
'10- 6
'11- 7
'12- 8
'13- 9
'14- 10th one.

Michael Jones said...

Mark, does our entry need to be legible? I wasn't sure...

Unknown said...

Is there a rule against sending in multiple postcards?

Guitar Ted said...

@Michael Jones: I'll be watching for your card.......

@David Newsom: No, but it is best not to dump a ton on me and get me annoyed either. ;>)

Unknown said...

Guitar Ted and Exhaused_Auk,

This is definitely the 10th TI.

If TI began with the first one, then the 2nd one was the first anniversary and the 10th one is the 9th anniversary.

You could say it began with the planning leading up to the first one and that the first one was actually the first anniversary.

It would be a safe bet to honor your ten years of hard work and keep us word-freaks happy by commemorating the "10th Annual Trans Iowa." :-)

Guitar Ted said...

@Katherine Roccasecca- All I know is that if each Trans Iowa were a sheep, I'd be looking at the tenth one on April 26th, 2014.

You guys can do your math however you want!

Unknown said...

It's not math. It's semantics.

It comes down to the meaning of the word anniversary.

Hey, if you ever want to invite and English major to a party… lol. I'm really not a fun hater!

Guitar Ted said...

@Katherine Roccasecca: Now don't go getting all "semantical" on me! :>)

I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Gunther said...

Hi Ted,

I'm from Belgium
finished TourDivide Last summer in 20days

how can I secure a place for the TransIowa, sending a postcard will take at least 10 days ..

Belgium Beer Rules ! :-)

Guitar Ted said...

Gunther: Looks like you have a logistical problem on your hands there. Unfortunately, I foresee the roster being completely full by Tuesday at latest. My advice would be to wait and see if I do this again next year. Sorry!

Guitar Ted said...

Gunther: Looks like you have a logistical problem on your hands there. Unfortunately, I foresee the roster being completely full by Tuesday at latest. My advice would be to wait and see if I do this again next year. Sorry!

PoorDumbBastard said...

I'm hoping that when you said Tuesday, you didn't mean today. I'm sending my card in today from PA.