Monday, October 14, 2013

Putting The Dog To Sleep- For A Little While

Tis a good Dog
Reader's of this blog will likely know that I am putting together a 2014 Mukluk 2 for my son, who is 10. I got the frame and fork, because I wanted to spec out his bike a certain way, and that would come at the expense of one of my two fat bikes. You see, I was going to have to use the wheels off of one of them to get him up and running as soon as I could.

So, I considered using the wheels off my titanium Mukluk, the one I call By-Tor, but I suddenly came to my senses here a day or so ago. I figured why should I disable- even temporarily- a good titanium fat bike? So, the decision has been made to mothball the Snow Dog, at least for awhile. I am loathe to do so for a few reasons.

Of course, I like the bike, which is not the main reason, oddly enough, that I do not want to tear it down, but there it is- The old Mukluk is a fun bike to ride. This is the first year for the model, and Salsa has upgraded a lot of things on newer Mukluks, but I do like the way this one handles. It just feels really good on snow, sand, and even on single track.

It fits me perfectly. I wouldn't ever change one detail about the cockpit. (But of course, when I tear it down, I will be!) It isn't often I hit on a set up that I feel so at home on so easily as I did with this bike, but that isn't why I am really sad to tear down the Snow Dog.

From my 3rd ride ever on the Snow Dog
I've had a lot of very memorable rides on the Snow Dog, for sure. I have had a lot of great adventures close to home in the Winter on it. Bombing down snow covered alleys and across country on snowmobile trails and on gravel roads. Night rides in the Green Belt and pushing through deep "sugar snow" for hours at a time.

I even finished Triple D on the Snow Dog earlier this year. But even though I've had great rides on it, that isn't why I am not feeling the greatest about tearing it down.

Nope, the big reason I am feeling down about it is that the frame and fork were a birthday gift to me from friends all across the biking world. Some of the folks that pitched in at the time I had never met before, although I had internet contact with them. It was a special gift and I'll never forget that and who gave up their hard earned dollars and time to get the Snow Dog into my hands. Again, thank you one and all!

But these parts will go to a good bike for a good cause, (I know, I am prejudiced, but he is my son!), and he's really stoked about getting this bike done. Not everything will go to that bike for him, but what doesn't probably will go on the Singular Cycles Buzzard and maybe I'll put that long seat post and Ergon saddle on the titanium Mukluk. At least for a while.

So, what will become of the Snow Dog? I'll likely get it back together at some point. But for now, it will have a nice, well deserved rest from labors.

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MG said...

As one of the folks responsible for your Snow Dog, I'm not bummed at all... Building a fatbike for your son is an awesome new adventure, and the Snow Dog has served you well. Even if it never comes back, it's been one heck of a bike!