Saturday, June 02, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 22

One of my favorite old jerseys. The only pic for a week ten years ago!
Ten years ago on the blog hear I had a LOT going on in my head. We'd just had an awful tornado go through Parkersburg, Iowa, and I had review stuff weighing on me for two sites, a mtb festival planning in the works, and training for the upcoming DK200. Well, something had to give.

I also was about in the same boat as I am in this year for getting in shape. 2008 was a very dismal year for me getting out to do any longer rides. It showed in my test ride to determine whether I was ready for the DK200. Basically, I sucked. I wasn't ready.

So, I decided and announced on the blog ten years ago that I would not be starting the event. I was very relieved too. The tornado required a lot of response from the communities surrounding Parkersburg, and the call had gone out in Waterloo for help. I just could not justify going to Kansas for selfish reasons and not lift a finger for those folks in need there.

So, that was a conscientious decision plus the fact that training was next to non-existent, well, that sealed the deal for me. There was news about the festival, as I had promises from a few companies and shops that they were coming. This would become a critical piece of the pie later on when the Summer turned wetter than ever. In fact, the Flood of '08 won't soon be forgotten about around these parts. But more on that later......

In industry news, it is notable that ten years ago Cannondale was sold to Dorel Industries, who still owns Cannondale. It marked the end for the US production of frames and forks for that company.

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