Saturday, January 11, 2020

C.O.G.100 Update: Gear For The C.O.G.

Every entrant that shows up March 20th gets a hat.
C.O.G.100 Update:

We at the C.O.G.100 are pleased to announce our latest gear for the 2020 running of the event. Once again we are working with Bike Rags, an Iowa based company, to do the hats, t-shirts, and the winners Championship Single Speed of Gravel jerseys.

This year we are going to be giving every entrant to the C.O.G. 100 (Registration is open HERE Only a few spots left!), a hat with the Guitar Ted designed artwork on it. The hats will be red, white, and blue and the patch will say "C.O.G. 100 Real American Gravel" on it.

These hats will not be offered for sale outside of the registrants for the event. This keeps the hats special and we wanted to do this for those who commit to riding single speed and that come to do this event. That said, we do have a couple of t-shirts which I am excited about which ARE for sale outside of the event. These are also designed by me and are screen printed on Bike Rags excellent t-shirts. I have one of there t-shirts and it s one of my favorites in the drawer. Anyway, these will be a limited time offer and I'll detail how you can get one for yourself here in a minute.

But first, you are probably going to want to see them, right? Yeah.... I thought so. The event t-shirt will be Olive Drab green in keeping with our veterans theme this year and will have a black logo like the hat has on the patch. The other option is my "Real. American. Gravel" slogan in red, white, and blue on a black (natch) t-shirt.

Okay, so just how can you get your mitts on one of these? Well, you can order your own t-shirt via the registration page for the C.O.G.100 without registering for the event. No obligation to ride in the C.O.G.100 if you don't want to. Just click here and scroll down a bit to see the shirts and follow the prompts to order.

Just as an aside, I am hoping to have some more stuff made available in the future with the "Real American Gravel logo via the e-commerce site for at some point. So, this black t-shirt may just be the beginning. Stay tuned on that front....


Bob said...

Pretty green shirts, nice design. I ordered two!

Guitar Ted said...

@Bob - Thank You!

CrossTrail said...

Hey Mark! I could not get the time off this year, so I'm sorry to say I won't be at the C.O.G. 100 this year. But I did order 2 of the Real. American. Gravel. t-shirts, so those will be flying throughout the Black Hills. How can I pay to have those shipped out here? I didn't see anything on the registration page.

Guitar Ted said...

@CrossTrail: We will figure out the shipping after we get the shirts unless I hear otherwise. Stay tuned. As I write this it is Saturday evening so I cannot get anything figured out at this point.

And THANK YOU for ordering a couple shirts!